Melbits World is the newest addition to the PlayStation PlayLink family from developer Melbot Studios. PlayLink uses your smartphone or tablet to play instead of the normal controllers. All the Playlink games are multiplayer games focused on promoting social gaming and fun times with friends. Melbits World does exactly what the PlayLink titles set out to do. A group of 2 to 4 players can team up to solve a moving collaborative puzzle as little adorable creatures move from beginning to end. As the levels grow higher the challenge increases leaving players constantly on edge.

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Meltbits World makes great use of the PlayLink by having you use your phone to control different platforms, blocks and springs. This means that even the most novice of players can have fun and follow along. The buttons are simple and range from tapping, swiping up, turning the phone left or right and more. Any mechanic that required you to touch the screen worked really well and the reactions on screen were almost immediate. However I found whenever I needed to rotate the phone it needed to be almost a rough jerk in either direction to get it to work. After a while it becomes awfully annoying to deal with and you almost hope you don’t get that job. 


Melbits World has a kawaii theme that can be seen through out the world and creatures. The world itself isn’t overly complex or realistic but fits perfectly. The colors are easy on the eyes and makes playing for hours pretty easy. The creatures themselves, the Melbits, each have their own personality from the dance they perform when you win to how you can customize them. You get to choose which one will represent you, but you don’t really get to play as them. They do appear in the puzzle as you play and when you win they perform their favorite dance. The complexity of the puzzles and the adorableness of the game itself really helps to define it as a game that can be played by anyone.

Melbits World Creatures


I don’t want to say there isn’t a narrative, but I don’t really know if I can say that there is one either. Each puzzle requires you to help the Melbits make their way from one tube to another without them falling off the map or being attacked by enemy creatures. My favorite enemy? The pig that shoots an acid looking substance! However cute they may be though, I haven’t figured out why they are moving from place to place. As you continue to play and complete puzzles you do unlock more Melbits to join your community and collect stickers to show off your progress. 

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Overall Review

Summary of Melbits game review

This game was really fun to play with my friends and family during our game nights. Everyone really enjoyed the different puzzles and the adorable Melbits. We played with two, three and four players just to see how game play itself differed. While it might seem easier having more people, it just really means more hands in the pot! Keeping up with what everyone is doing and making sure you aren’t accidentally messing up someone else’s job really adds to the fun. The controls for each puzzle are different so you aren’t stuck doing the same. This helps to keep things fresh, however after playing for a while the game does tend to become a bit repetitive. 

I recommend adding Melbits World to your next game night! It will be available starting February 5, 2019 on PS4!


Melbits World Level

Melbits World Space Level

Meltbits Dancing



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