Does a video game that we all thought was meant to be a late April Fool’s joke have the right to be this good? Yes, yes, it does. Behaviour and Psyop announced their upcoming dating sim, Hooked On You, during the sixth-anniversary stream and caught the eye of everyone. Who doesn’t want to wake up on a tropical island and try to seduce a killer of a mate? Maybe just make sure the killer doesn’t want to get a hold of your heart. But does it really live up to everyone’s expectations and then some? Spoiler alert – of course, it did.

DISCLAIMER: This review for Hooked On You may contain spoilers.

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A Tropical Island Vacation?

What could be better than waking up on a tropical island surrounded by some of the most terrifying people you have ever met? I guess a lot of things. But, in the case of the game, nothing. Nothing is better. The concept of Hooked On You is relatively simple and pulls much of the lore from Dead by Daylight. Players wake up knowing only their name, meet the island residents and potential partners, Trapper, Huntress, Wraith and Spirit, and do everything they can to find love. Or at least stay alive. Honestly, we aren’t entirely sure if this two are mutually exclusive.

The Trapper introducing himself as the richest, most powerful Killer on Murder Island in Hooked On You.

Hooked On You.

The wooing of your favorite killer is done through dialogue mixed with questions and mini-games. Some answers are pretty cut and dry regarding who will find the answer most appealing. The more you get to know them, the harder it is to choose which one would make the best companion. Do you go for big and dumb? Or the quirky bipolar who might just slice you in half with a katana? Regardless of who you choose, you are sure to walk away a winner. And diving into each of their stories is worth multiple playthroughs of Hooked On You.

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Whose in my head?

What makes Hooked On You so terrific is that it never, and we mean never, takes itself seriously. In the first five minutes of gameplay, the Narrator gets annoyed by your coughing, you touch a grotesque zombie head, and you meet four terrifyingly giant killers. And the further you get into the game, the more out of this world it becomes. The dialogue is beyond hysterical as well. Just when you think that they can’t get any better, they drop a bomb on you. Seriously, were Dwight and Claudette really stabbing each other behind the pool house?

The four Killers, Huntress, Wraith, Spirit and Trapper, standing with each other on the beach while chatting with the player in Hooked On You.

Hooked On You.

Yes, we know that we said Hooked On You doesn’t take itself seriously. But something is going on behind the scenes on Murder Island, and it’s up to us to try and figure it out. It’s a lot to take on, and no one seems to have (or is willing to provide) the answers. Then sometimes, it feels like one existential crisis after another that has you asking why you are doing so much pondering during a game where you are just trying to find love.

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Is Love Worth The Trouble?

We will say this, Hooked On You isn’t one of the mechanically exciting games of the year. Dating sims typically rely on heavy narratives with side mini-games to keep players from feeling like they are just reading a novel on screen. And those provided in this one aren’t going to win any awards. They are merely just little nods to Dead by Daylights skill check mechanics that appear abundantly in matches, among some other simple puzzles. The entire focus is on telling the story, which is great if that is really what you are looking to enjoy, but rough if you are looking for more interactive gameplay.

Overall, Behaviour and Psyop have knocked Hooked On You out of the park. It’s a fun dating sim that gives us a narratively thrilling story with more than a few possible outcomes to explore, so multiple playthroughs are a must. Plus, it’s literally all about romancing killers who want nothing more than to chop you up and serve your entrails for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If waking up on a tropical island in the arms of one of Dead by Daylight‘s killers and spending your time trying to woo their pants off is even slightly appealing, get this game.

Hooked On You is available now on PC through Steam.


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