When developer Layopi Games announced Devil’s Hunt, I was interested in more the story than the actual game play. However, as a fan of the Devil May Cry series, I had hopes for a good alternative. Unfortunately, I found myself overly frustrated, confused and just disappointed. It is hard to imagine that this game was given a good look over before heading off to the masses, or more than a few of the bugs I had experienced would have been found and fixed. The one good thing that has come from this game is a greater appreciation for the fact that companies can upload patches to fix issues along the way.

Game Mechanics

Similar to other third person action adventures, the main focus of the game is fighting. Due to Desmond’s agreement with the Lucifer, he has access to special abilities thanks to some buff devil arms. Collecting souls from either killing enemies or finding them within the world allows you to strengthen and learn new abilities. You have access to three different kinds of powers that you learn as your progress through the story. The fighting is simply, left mouse click is a light attack, right mouse click is a stronger attack and q, e, and c are special abilities.

The mechanics work well together, but regardless of how low I set my mouse sensitivity, Desmond would constantly spin around and rubber band back. At some points I would be so turned around it would be nauseating. The overly frustrating part of Devil’s Hunt is all of the smaller glitches and bugs that make playing the game almost impossible. One big glitch happens as the game is reloading. Countless times I died in boss fights only to reload and the fighting start before I even have the screen up.

Story Line

The story for the game isn’t something that is all too original, but it did pull me in to begin with. It is also what kept me playing for as long as I did. The beginning follows Desmond as we learn about his failing relationship with his father, his boxing career and his relationship with his girlfriend. After everything goes wrong, he drives himself off bridge and into the river. After dying, he is plunged down into hell where we learn he is supposed to be some chosen one.

From here it kind of gets stale. Desmond pines for his ex fiance and tries to save her, battles against good and evil, and so on and so forth. What made following the story a bit of a struggle was that the cut scenes and dialogue was constantly cut short. It wasn’t until I came across another cut scene or set of dialogue that I was almost able to understand what was going on. I am hopeful that I will eventually be able to get a copy of Equilibrium, the novel from Paweł Leśniak, in which the game is based. We might be able to have a better understanding of what is going on. 

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By far the most disappointing thing in Devil’s Hunt so far has been the graphics. From game play trailers and initial log in, I was really hyped for how the animations were going to look. So the very first time I booted up the game, it was already set to epic and away I went. The graphics were crispy and the world was amazing. However the second I moved the game started having lag issues. I tried to continue forward, but the first fight I came up to was unbearable.

The epic settings on the left compared to the high settings on the right.

I ended up settling on dropping the graphics from epic to high and it was like night and day. Instead the game looked blocky and all of the textures on enemies disappeared. I thought this was going to be okay, but I still had issues with the game lagging on this setting as well. I went through a good part of the game swapping between settings so I could experience the world they built before swapping back to a lower graphics setting in order to play it.


Like I said in the very beginning, the best thing from this game is the reminder that companies can update games as they go. Just recently they uploaded a patch that is supposed to help fix a lot of issues brought to them by the players. This, however, should never be an excuse for putting out a game with this many bugs and issues. I made it roughly half way through the game before having to put it down. I was becoming so overly frustrated that I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I do hope that after a few patches I can go back and finish up the game, but at this point for me it is unplayable.

If you are interested in checking out Devil’s Hunt for yourself, you can purchase it for PC on Steam for $34.99. It is also available on PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch if you prefer console play.



Julia Roth
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