Have you ever thought that making a game seems like a fun hobby? Thought that perhaps you would dabble in coding just a tad bit and get completely turned upside down? Don’t worry we have all been there. Thankfully Anna Anthropy has something that can help you get started. There is a nifty website called PuzzleScript that makes coding and creating games fun, free and easy for PC. Make Your Own PuzzleScript Games helps make learning the software easy and sets you up to create different  games for you to practice and hone your skills.

Anna Anthropy did a great job breaking down PuzzleScript for us and creating an easy to read walkthrough and tutorial for each of the games. The program itself can be a bit intimidating, however as you progress through the book, things begin to make sense. Now you might be saying, ‘well it is easy for you, because you have a degree in coding and game design.’ but I promise I put this in the hands of my kid and he agrees. Honestly Make Your Own PuzzleScript Games is perfect for children looking to learn a thing or two about making games.

The games themselves are simple puzzle style games, but build on each other as they go. The Herding Cats chapters help teach creators the basics and how to tell a story through level design. Then the Robot Heist chapters build on that by creating rules and obstacles, creating win and lose conditions and consequences for losing and ending it all with a refining to level design. Everything from start to finish can be done within PuzzleScript, so no need to get super confused with other programs while trying to learn which is super helpful.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of Make Your Own PuzzleScript Games for yourself or someone special that is interested in learning the basics of coding or is interested in PuzzleScript. It can be found on the No Starch Press website, Amazon, or Target starting on November 12, 2019.





Julia Roth
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