Let me lay at a small scenario. You are at your friends house for game night and it’s time to decide what to play next. While at first it seems the possibilities are endless, you start to realize you have played all of these games before. Now wouldn’t it be handy to have a book with over a hundred games to read up on? Well that is where The Board Game Book comes in handy! The book’s tag, “the essential guide to the best new games”, doesn’t sum up just how great this book really is. The book is a collaboration between Owen Duffy, Matt Thrower, Teri Litorco, Richard Jansen-Parkes and it breaks down the games into different chapters based on the style of game.

The chapters are broken down into nine sections including games for new players, light, medium, complex strategy games, story, and much more. Each section has multiple games that includes an in-depth look at game play in order to help you decide if it is right for you. All of the games are recent releases within the last twenty years. Even with even just a quick look, you can tell the authors really know what they are talking about. Some fan favorites make an appearance including Pandemic, Dungeons and Dragons, Catan, and Ticket to Ride. What really helps to set The Board Game Book apart from others is the inclusion of interviews with some of the game designers. It is such a treat to see what goes on behind the scenes and how some of our favorite games come to life.

If you are a huge fan of board games or even like them a little, add The Board Game Book to your collection now. During my first read through I kept book marking pages to come back to along with adding games to my Amazon wish list. Let’s just say Christmas is going to be full of board games this year. The book is well made and will make the perfect nerdy coffee table book. Surprise your friends at your next game night with how much you know about different games and even bring a new one to become your game night’s favorite. You can read a free preview and order your book on their website here for $30.

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