There’s so much Star Wars news, I feel like I have to lie down. Soon after learning that director and writer Rian Johnson would be tackling his own trilogy of films, we’re getting even more content. According to THR, Disney plans to bring a live-action Star Wars series in the near future!

According to THR, on a call with shareholders, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that they would be working on a live-action TV series to stream on their own streaming network. Now, the streaming network is apparently set to launch in 2019. Because of this, it’s unclear whether we would be getting the TV series then or waiting after that. But it’s coming!

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There are ENDLESS possibilities for the premise of this series. And I mean endless. I would just say that one thing we probably will finally move away from is the Skywalker saga. We have a lot of film and tie-in material for those stories that I believe we can move on. If I could throw my idea hat into the ring, I would love to see a few different series. Possibly an X-Wing pilot one, bounty hunter one, a ship-crew one, maybe even a Jedi story set in ancient times. Maybe even bringing Revan in!

I think I could ramble all day about the possibilities but what would you like to see? Are you excited for a live-action show? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Star Wars news. There is currently no information regarding the series at this time. 

Erin Lynch