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As an avid TV lover, you’ve no doubt wondered how you can get closer to your favorite shows. No longer content with merely watching the action take place on your screen, you want the ability to throw yourself into the thick of the action. Thankfully, due to the popularity of many of today’s great shows, this is possible.

To find out how you can get closer to the TV shows you love, make sure to read on.

Bet on the outcome of your favorite shows

It’s true; you can bet on the outcome of the shows that you watch on TV… and it’s not just sports, and award shows that you can bet on, either. In the novelties category found on Unibet, you can gamble on all manner of shows, from The Bachelor to Strictly Come Dancing. While Game of Thrones was on, you could even bet on the outcome of who was going to sit on the Iron Throne!

By placing bets on the TV shows you love, you will instantly feel closer to them simply because you will actually have something riding on them. You don’t necessarily have to bet big in this instance. Simply put a few dollars down and all of a sudden you’ll feel more invested in your favorite shows than you’ve ever been before. As an added bonus, if you just so happen to win your bet, you’ll have something cool to brag about to your friends.

Go on a TV show tour

Due to the demands of avid TV lovers like yourself, TV show tours are now popping up all over the globe. These tours give fans the chance to visit and check out the geographical locations in which their favorite shows were filmed, with running commentary from an expert tour guide to boot. As an added bonus, for avid fans, many of these tours allow fans to get up close and personal with the props and stages that were actually used to bring the shows to life. If you truly love TV, then, this kind of excursion should be one that you seriously consider heading on.

Some of the TV show tours you can’t afford to miss out on include:

  • Game of Thrones Tour — Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Twin Peaks Tour — Washington State, U.S.
  • Doctor Who Tour — London, England
  • Original New Orleans TV and Movie Tours — New Orleans, U.S.
  • Westworld Tour — Utah, U.S.
  • Big Zombie Tour (for fans of The Walking Dead)— Atlanta, U.S.

Check out the full list on The Travel website to find out more information on the tours that you might like.

Today, due to the popularity of TV, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get closer to the TV shows that you love. Whether you choose to gamble on the outcome of them or whether you choose to head out on a specially-designed tour, by taking the above advice, you’ll find yourself more invested in your hobby than you ever have been before.