When the Final Fantasy VII Remake team announced that the release date would be pushed back, fans expected to have to wait longer to get their hands on it. That was until early this morning when the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo popped up on PS4s everywhere after an announcement from their official Twitter. Fans will be rewarded for downloading the demo with a new exclusive theme for their PS4s when the full game releases on April 11, 2020.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo plays through the first chapter, introducing or reintroducing players to Cloud and Barrett. They will be able to play through the twos attempt at placing a bomb in Mako Reactor 1. This demo will give fans a chance to see the new graphics in action on their PS4 as well as the new reimagined combat system.

Progression completed during this demo will not however carry over into the main game upon release. So, fans have to decide if it is worth playing through twice. (Spoiler alert it definitely is.) The Final Fantasy VII Remake has been getting great reviews from those who are able to get their hands on it during press events and conventions. Therefore, it is a no-brainer we will be getting our hands on it in the comfort of our homes.

The demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake is available right now for download on the PS4 and the full game is set to release on April 11, 2020 for the PS4 exclusively. Fans can preorder the game over on the official Square Enix website.

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