When you think of the science behind Star Wars, what do you think of? Lightsabers? Light Speed? What kind of laser would be powerful enough to destroy an entire planet? Well in this new book, The Physics of Star Wars by Professor Patrick Johnson, you can delve into the science of the galaxy far, far away and maybe get some answers.

The book brings science to the table as Johnson tries to bring logic behind the magic. For example, he uses quantum mechanics to explore The Force. Yes, that all powerful energy that flows through the galaxy, only becoming part of a few people. The almost mystical element of is explained using science we know. It’s a really fascinating take on the universe, especially focusing on the physics side of science. But can he tell me how to make my own lightsaber?


Johnson is a professor working as an assistant teaching professor at Georgetown University, who has a PhD in physics. So needless to say, he knows a heck of a lot more in regards to the science then we do! He gained his love of Star Wars by watching a marathon of the original trilogy before the release of Episode I and even before Episode II. So rest easy, friends, he’s a big fan too. Which makes the work all the more fun, knowing that a fan wrote it! 

For those who want to learn more, visit your local book store to pick it up from shelves on November 18th. Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Star Wars fun.