Happy Slaymas people of the fog! Today officially kicks off the Dead by Daylight winter event! It is ALSO the release day for the Binding with Kin chapter, releasing The Twins and Élodie Rakoto into the fog. Behaviour also shared a new video showing off the brand new Holiday Horror Collection! These items will be added to the store over the next few days so you can get a head start on spreading that holiday joy!

The Dead by Daylight holiday collection video kicks off with a new Krampus outfit for Trapper! It may not be the holiday sweater I have been begging for (and still begging for), but it is impressive! We then get to see the new Élodie reindeer onesie! Nothing screams the holiday season like a warm holiday-themed onesie. Even after the holidays are over I think I am still going to be rocking this.

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We also get to see Ace in his new winter suit! His new suit makes him look like he is a wrapped up present! Speaking of presents though. Dwight’s new cosmetic is literally that. Dwight has wrapped himself up for us all to enjoy. This will make it pretty hard to choose between the Dwight elf outfit and the Dwight present. Zarina is also getting her own onesie this holiday season. Hers is decked out in reindeer and trees with a penguin face on the top!

Claudette and Jack are the final two survivors to get cosmetics out of this collection. Claudette is taking on the part of a younger Mrs. Claus while Jake is looking like he is ready to turn in for a night by the fire. The video comes to a close showing off Dead by Daylights’s newest killer, The Twins, holiday outfit. The Blood and Guts cosmetic might not scream holiday, but it will have you screaming. See what I did there? I’ll see myself out.

Dead by Daylight is availble now on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

To grab these cosmetics, check out the in-game store! Here is the release schedule:

Available December 1

The Twins – Blood & Guts Outfit – VERY RARE

Élodie Rakoto – Reindeer Onesie Set – VERY RARE

Available December 4

The Trapper – The Krampus Set – LEGENDARY

Available December 8

Dwight Fairfield – Dwight-in-a-Box Outfit – VERY RARE

Ace Visconti – Winter Wisecracks Outfit – VERY RARE

Zarina Kassir – Penguin Onesie Set – VERY RARE

Availble December 11

Claudette Morel – Claudette Claus Outfit – VERY RARE

Jake Park – Winter Comfort Outfit – VERY RARE




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