With only a week until the American Presidential Election, Jack Black and his band Tenacious D have partnered with Rock The Vote to remind everyone to get out and vote! They shared a brand new cover of Richard O’Brien‘s Time Warp from the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. The video flashes between members of the band at home with Jack Black dressed in a plethora of movie-themed outfits. It is impossible to make it through the entire video without finding yourself getting up and taking a jump to the left.

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Jack Black and the members of Tenacious D aren’t the only ones to grace us with their presence. A star-studded cast of cameos helped out the band throughout the video! This includes appearances from Senator Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Susan Sarandon, Sarah Silverman, John Waters, Jamie Lee Curtis, Karen O, Reggie Watts, Ezra Miller, Ilana Glazer, Phoebe Bridgers, John Heilemann, George Takei, Eric Andre, King Princess, Michael Peña and Peaches.

Tenacious D is also sharing this catchy cover with fans on a vinyl record. It can be purchased here, and all proceeds go directly to Rock The Vote. Be sure to check out the video below! Let us know on social media how much you loved the cover of Time Warp!



Julia Roth
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