The new Men In Black: International trailer takes us across the pond for a new adventure. That means new aliens, new weapons, and new agents, but the same mission.  To protect and defend the universe.

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Tessa Thompson plays M.  M has been searching for the Men In Black for 20 years and finds them in New York City. She meets Agent O, portrayed by Emma Thompson and asks for a job.  I’m pretty sure she got the job with flattery.  Agent O sends M to London to deal with a new problem. There she is partnered with Agent H, played by Chris Hemsworth.  And her boss is none other than the man of particular skill set, Liam Neeson.  Together M and H chase down some aliens, get in to some hand to hand combat, and the coffee drinking Worm Guys make a cameo appearance. Rebecca Ferguson, Kumail Nanjiani, and Rafe Spall also star in the long awaited spin-off. 

There is a sense familiarity with this film since we just saw Hemsworth and Thompson team up in Thor: Ragnarok.  These two have amazing on screen chemistry so you know they fight well together. And of course you know the premise from previous Men In Black films.  The Men In Black are called in to deal with alien issues. That leads to an epic show down and having to erase memories of the mere humans who witness it.  This film looks more action packed and maybe even funnier than the first three.  I did chuckle at the end of the trailer when Hemsworth picks up a small hammer and throws it at the bad alien guy.  Thompson and Hemsworth posted a lot of behind the scenes photos on Instagram, so I’m expecting the film to be a lot of fun

Watch the trailer below:

Men In Black: International is scheduled to premiere on  June 14, 2019.


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