When news broke out that Frequency had been canceled by The CW after just one season, I was disappointed. The Jeremy Carver time-manipulation show based on the movie written by Toby Emmerich was only 13 episodes long and while it had a little bit of a slow start, it had intense storytelling, a worthy antagonist and some great acting by the two leads, Peyton List and Riley Smith.

If you haven’t seen the show Frequency but you perhaps saw the 2000 movie with Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel, then you should really give this show a watch. The premise might be a little unbelievable, but it works. Granted, I wasn’t sure how a second season would have worked other than watching Robbie go on a revenge spree, but after watching the 3-minute “Epilogue,” I just want to see more.

If you would like to see the “Epilogue” yourself, you can watch it here, otherwise, I’ll just spoil the whole thing for you below.

In the season finale, “Signal Loss,” Team Sullivan was close to capturing the real Nightingale Killer, Robbie Womack, and even though he got away they were able to save Julie’s life. Unfortunately Robbie broke the radio that kept Raimy in contact with her father Frank, and the season ended with us not knowing if the two would ever get in contact again and Robbie on the loose.

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But now we see Frank (Riley Smith) trying to fix his radio the best he can. With some random nob turns, the radio bulb lights up and he’s finally able to get back in touch with Raimy (Peyton List).  While Raimy is relieved to hear her father’s voice, what’s even better is that Frank eventually catches Robbie. Frank wants to make sure that they “cut off the trunk” and Raimy confirms that Robbie died in prison.

Now that they know that it’s over, Raimy can now get back to her life and her impending nuptials to Daniel (Team Kyle 4 ever).  Of course, we all know that Frank is dead is Raimy’s time so she tells him one vital piece of information: June 14, 2011. The day that Frank dies in a car accident. Frank is upset that she gave him the date, but Raimy doesn’t care. She wants her father to be alive and safe for her mother’s sake. “This is not the day you die,” she says and she makes Frank promise not to leave the house. “Tell me you got this,” she says with panic in her voice, but all she hears is radio silence.

A second later, a voice says, “I got it kiddo,” and an older Frank Sullivan appears behind her. Finally, we see the reunion of father and daughter. As they hug, a whole deluge of memories come flooding into Raimy’s mind, and we see the happy life they’ve had.

It’s a beautiful way to end the series.

Some thoughts:

  • I really enjoyed recapping this series. I’m going to miss Raimy and her no-nonsense approach to everything. I am going to miss Frank and his sometimes questionable decision-making skills.
  • Peyton List and Riley Smith were fantastic on this show and I hope to see them in other things.
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