If you’re a casual gambler, then the likelihood is you go into a casino to have fun rather than worry about winning massive sums of money. If that persona doesn’t fit and you’re looking for the big wins, then you need a way in or an advantage. Before you even begin your next stab at winning a casino game, make sure you’re aware of the games that have the best odds, ultimately giving you the best chances of winning.

It’s worthwhile bearing in mind that no single casino game has good odds, that old mantra of ”The house always wins” isn’t a myth, the games in a casino are built with the intention of the house having the upper hand. There are a handful of machines that have better odds than some of the others.

What are the games with better odds?

If you take away one thing from this article, remember that table games always have better odds. They might not have all the bells and whistles that a slot machine has, but the return can often work in the player’s favor.

Craps has the best odds

Many players aren’t familiar with the concept of craps, but get to grips with playing this online, and you could be in for a win. If you’re looking for a way to try your hand at Craps, why not check it out for yourself at ComeOn odds. Offering odds of fifty percent, craps is a dice game where the shooter first rolls the dice (one player) while the other players bet on what that roll will result in.

”Coming Out” is the name of the initial roll, and if a seven or eleven is rolled, then the shooter wins. Any other number is known as the ”point”. For the shooter to win, he/she needs to roll a seven after hitting the point to win.

If you want a straightforward bet, bet on whether the shooter will win or not when he rolls, this is a 50/50 bet know as a ”pass line” wager.

Roulette is almost as good as Craps

For newcomers to roulette can learn how to play, but it’s essentially a wheel with the numbers in black and red from 1-36, with one green spot reserved for the number 0. The dealer gives the wheel a spin, the ball drops and lands on one of the 37 (including zero) spaces.

Players place bets in a variety of ways, with the easiest two ways of almost 50/50 return being whether the ball falls on an odd or even number, or red or black. We say virtually because the 0 (or 00 in America) has to be factored in as a space. Although the odds go down, your winnings could rise significantly with bets on numbers ranged like 1-12 or black and even for example.

And not forgetting Blackjack!

The rules and play of Blackjack aren’t too complicated, but skill does come into this card game. The odds are around 49 percent, and players come up against the dealer. In short, the person with the hand that comes nearest to the number 21 is the winner (assuming they don’t ”bust” by going over that number).

To be successful at Blackjack you might consider starting with a beginners guide, it comes down to being lucky instead of owning any real skill. The odds of winning are almost even as the dealer also relies on players not getting nearest the 21 sweet spot or going over. The dealer only has around a one percent advantage.

One of the online games with the worst odds is online slots, and they have a 1 in 49,836,032 chance of players winning anything. Poker comes down to having some skill and luck to win successfully (and also requires a lot of time). The wheel of fortune comes into our worst picks of online casino odds, too, only provide a 26-39 percent rate of winning back the money players put in.