The Los Angeles Times announced today that George Lucas, Father Star Wars, will make Los Angeles the city to house George Lucas’ Museum Of Narrative Art!

There were other cities in contention, his home base of San Francisco and Chicago, the hometown of his wife, Mellody Hobson. Both proved to have too much opposition so, Los Angeles it is! Happily, I might add.

Mayor Eric Garcetti had this to say:

“It feels like this incredible gift has come home. I always thought Los Angeles was the natural place to spread the vision of George Lucas and Mellody Hobson, to make art and creativity accessible and inspirational to the next generation. It’s a natural place to have this museum in the creative capital of the world and in the geographic center of the city. It’s a banner day for L.A.”

The museum will be home to Lucas’ personal collection, which sounds amazing. Over 10,000 pieces of art, paintings, photography and illustrations from R. Crumb, Norman Rockwell and others. Star Wars memorabilia, collectables from The Ten Commandments. Set pieces, costumes and storyboards.

It seems like a dream museum!

Construction will begin in Exposition Park and George Lucas’ Museum Of Narrative Art will neighbor the Natural History Museum, The California Science Center and the new football stadium.

Not only is the museum good news, culturally, but also economically. Not a single dime will come out of tax payers dollars. Lucas will fund the $1 billion dollar project that will include a 400 million dollar endowment, himself, and employment and tourism will likely see a huge boost. The projected number so far, being tens of thousands of jobs, with over a thousand be permanent. For surrounding neighborhoods that really need that boost, this is a dream scenario. Also, the museum looks like a UFO and that’s freakin’ cool. I might ask if apartments will be available to rent, because I will swiftly move in.

The Museum is designed by architect Ma Yansong, who’s designs look like they were made of mimetic polyalloy. I love it!




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