Well this just butters my croissant. According to Variety, the maker may have dipped his hands into Solo: A Star Wars Story just a little bit. In a massive breakdown piece on what happened with production, we learned in a small paragraph that George Lucas was there for a bit and gave his opinion. And ol’ George couldn’t help himself and helped out with a scene. We know which one it is, too!

According to the piece, there’s a romance scene between Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) and Qi’Ra (Emilia Clarke) in Lando’s (Donald Glover) favorite place on the Millennium Falcon – the cape room. We don’t know details about it, but we know that it involved Han picking up Qi’Ra’s cape and hanging it up. Lucas had something to say about that. Director Ron Howard told the site what Lucas pointed out.

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He said, ‘You know, Han wouldn’t bother to hang it up,’ And then he sort of did it. George became Han Solo for a second. The body language was there and the attitude. Not only was it a nice accent on the scene, but it was also a reminder that George created this character and really understood him. He was so reluctant [to offer his opinion], and yet the choice was so right that it was fun to use it.

When Lucas sold the company in 2012, I thought that he wanted absolutely nothing to do with it anymore. And he doesn’t, really. But it’s nice to hear that he still knows these characters like the back of his hand that he’s willing to speak up and point out something. So long as someone’s listening that is. It’s also really nice to hear that Lucas actually visited the set at one point. He seems really reluctant, and Howard pointed it out, that he really doesn’t want to participate anymore. But how can you not smile knowing that Lucas gave his input?

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