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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world role-playing game created by Hoyoverse and released in 2020. It boasts millions of players across various platforms and has won numerous awards. This game also offers an online co-op experience and even supports crossplay, so you can play with just about anyone. 

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Play as a world-traveling twin who has lost their sibling in the strange world of Tayvat. Learn the elemental powers of the realm as you search for your lost loved one with the help of an adorable traveling companion named Paimon.

It’s Party Time

Play new characters as you meet them by adding them to your party of four. You start with basic characters like Amber, the pyro archer, or Lisa, the electrifying librarian. A handful of characters can be acquired through completing the story, but you will need to Wish for better characters. Wishing is the gacha system in Genshin Impact and uses a currency called fate. Acquire fate slowly by playing the game or buy it outright to snag those rare five-star characters and weapons. All the characters are gorgeous anime-style personas, so of course, I immediately wanted them all. I am a weakling when it comes to gacha games. 

Cute anime characters dressed lolita style pose in front of a fantasy city in the mobile game Genshin Impact.

Photo courtesy of HoYoverse.

Each character gains their power from a different element like fire or water. Easily switch between characters in your party, even during a fight. Use each character’s unique abilities exactly when you need them. This allows for some pretty interesting elemental combos. Some abilities can even affect the environment around you. For example, you can use Kaeya’s ice ability to freeze water and make an ice path. Some enemies take more damage from certain elements, so choose your character carefully.

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Adventure Rank

After you have started the party, the name of the game is raising your Adventure Rank. Complete quests, explore the world and defeat enemies to gain experience. Each adventure rank unlocks more quests and areas to explore. At a certain level, you will begin leveling your world by completing Ascension Quests. Raising the world level will scale the enemies of Teyvat to your current level. There are many ways to gain experience in Genshin Impact, most of which comes down to exploration. 

A character dressed in red aims a fiery bow at oncoming enemies in the mobile game Genshin Impact.

Photo courtesy of HoYoverse.

To stay alive as the world evolves around you, equip your characters with artifacts and weapons found along the way. Collect various types of ore to enhance your weapons and make them even more powerful. Harvest multiple ingredients to make delicious meals that will help you in battle. Make sure to keep your equipment upgraded because enemies become progressively stronger.

Our Adventure Ends Here

Genshin Impact takes place in a massive and beautifully crafted world. Accompanied by a soundtrack from the heavens, Teyvat is easy to get lost in. This is easily the most expansive game I have ever played on my phone. The ability to change between characters during battle keeps combat interesting. You gain the ability to glide early in the game, so you get to fly through this gorgeous world. The ability to fly, glide or fall with style always wins bonus points.

A winged character flies over a fantasy landscape in the mobile game Genshin Impact.

Photo courtesy of Sylveonxy.

Grinding for experience to get to the next adventure rank can become tedious, but that is nothing new for role-playing gamers. The limited amount of characters available from playing the game is discouraging. Playing with the same characters can become boring if you aren’t willing to cough up the cash for new characters.

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Overall, I was immediately impressed by the enormity of this game, especially on my phone. Teyvat is a truly open world where you can go anywhere. Time flew by while I wandered around this gorgeous world. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys open-world games driven by exploration.  

Genshin Impact is free in the Google Play Store and App Store.

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