Welcome to Geeky Wedding Wednesday! This week, we’re geeking out Game of Thrones style in honor of the premiere this Sunday, July 16th!


Obviously, you’re going to need to invest in training some ravens for the occasion because that’s really the only acceptable way to communicate for this theme.

Or you could use the ever-popular but so very clever “Wedding is Coming” invitation and save-the-date idea, like this one from the CarlayDiem shop on Etsy. Just choose your house, or create your own, and you’ll be good to go.

For a little something extra, seal your invites with wax so your guests really know it’s from you. You can get wax that works inside a glue gun for easy application.

Then you can customize a wax seal stamp with your monogram, wedding logo, house sigil, etc.

If sealing with wax is a little too much, you can always customize stickers to get a similar look.



Regardless of which gods you follow, in the seven kingdoms, brides tend to wear some shade of white. Dress styles, however, can vary widely depending on your house and status. You can choose an already existing GoT house to base your style on, or get together with your soon-to-be spouse and create your own house. Then pick a dress with accents most closely related to the house characteristics.

For example, House Stark would call for a dress as white as snow perhaps with accents of red for the godswood. A House Targaryen dress would probably be a bit…unburnt.


Start with a formal base for the groom by going with a tuxedo. Delving more into the GoT men’s formalware will result in a costume look instead of a wedding look. You can still have fun with the outfit by adding some awesome Westeros accents.

Bridal Party:

For the bridesmaids, go with floor-length dresses of chiffon or silk in house colors. Groomsmen can wear suits (to make the groom stand out) or tuxedos in one shade lighter than what the groom wears.

Traditionally, the bride would begin the wedding wearing a cloak embroidered with the sigil of her noble house. At some point during the ceremony, the groom removes the maiden cloak and covers her in one bearing his own house sigil. This is to represent the bride being taken under his protection and into his family. This would be a really cool addition to the wardrobe and the ceremony. Especially if you create your own new house cloak as a couple.



This is the perfect opportunity to wear a tiara. If you’ve chosen a house, match the tiara or headpiece to it. Like for House Baratheon, an antler headband:

Or, I guess you could go with a crown of molten gold, buuuut I wouldn’t suggest it.

Don a veil accented with crystals in lieu of a jeweled hairnet (more on that later).

Christian Burge Photography


If you’re going with a tux, pick a house and get a bow tie to match. Etsy has tons of options for this.

Bridal Party:

Remember the hairnet I mentioned earlier? Bring those back for your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids can style their hair in a simple bun and add a net with rhinestones.

You can pick colors that will stand out or get something that blends in with your bridesmaids’ hair colors. Either way, you’ll be perfectly prepared to poison the groom if you decide you’d rather not get married after all.

For the groomsmen, let them each choose their favorite house and wear a bowtie to match. Help the best man stand out a bit by swapping a traditional boutonniere for a Hand of the King pin.

Or go a little further and let the man have a sword. We actually did this at my wedding and it was pretty cool. The term “best man” was derived from best man with a sword as generally, that guy was up at the front with the groom to guard him from any potential enemies.

Christian Burge Photography


If you’ve been following GWW, you’ll know that I’m not real big on fresh flowers, but I do love me a good origami flower. Enlist the help of your bridal party to create bouquets made from the pages of used A Song of Ice and Fire books. These flowers can work for bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages as well.

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So many epic choices from the HBO Game of Thrones soundtrack. But you can also find some pretty sweet parodies and remixes that are better to dance to. For instance, we actually played “We Are the North” at our wedding and it was a blast…even if many of the guests were confused.

Pretty much use any fun dance mixes you’d like, but do your best to avoid “The Rains of Castamere.”


There are lots of banners thrown around in GoT and it would be pretty sweet to have your own custom house banner hung up behind your head table. You can include other houses as well around the venue, if possible.

For tablescapes, think outside of just colors and sigils. Transform a table into Winterfell by adding faux snow, white branches and candles.

Take your guests to Dorne with sandy centerpieces.

You can provide your guests with a seating map to help them find their place.

Cake/Cake Toppers

Definitely feel free to go all out with something like this:

But also consider something more subdued with a cool topper. Like getting a replica of the Iron Throne and adding your own personalized figures to it.

And like maybe at least *consider* doing a lemon cake. For Sansa. She’s been through enough.

Wedding Date

You can go with the publication date of your favorite book, though don’t go with the date for Winds of Winter because then your wedding will likely never happen.

Also, the number seven plays a big role in the series what with the Seven Kingdoms and the seven gods and such, so finding a way to work that in would be cool, too.

Favors and Guest Book

I’m really into useful wedding favors and one of the most useful items I can possibly think of is lip balm. Might be because I’m super obsessed with it, but whatever.

At the Geek Fire Labs shop on Etsy, you’ll find a ton of geeky balms, but one of the best is Mother of Dragons. Order enough for each guest and send them off into the night prepared to kiss fire or something like that.

If you’re able to spend a little on the favors, mini bottles of wine would be perfect. Wine is almost as popular in Westeros as killing all of our favorite characters.

I usually don’t love the idea of the thumbprint thing for a guest book, but when it’s made into a weirwood, I can totally get on board. Just provide your guests with a red ink pad to squish their thumbs on like they’re going after Oberyn Martell and a pen to write in their names.