We may be geeks when it comes to our love of genre film, a particular author or a television series, but few of us extend that same obsession towards ensuring that we maintain a happy and healthy relationship so that you can both live long and prosper.

Whilst relationships share a division of labour around the house, these chores can become expectations without a word of thanks, and an expectation that your partner will look good on a night out, should not stop you from giving a compliment.  Here are other geeky tips for a healthy and happy relationship.

Enjoy your companionship

To balance the independence, you enjoy to follow your own interests, make sure you spend time with your partner. This does not mean that you have to be sharing the same task, just that you are in each other’s company.

If you do share an interest, doing this together will create relationship satisfaction for you both. Whilst companionship is probably one of the most important rules for a happy marriage, it is one of the easiest to achieve. You can chat in the kitchen whilst one cooks dinner, or you can share the washing up.


By being together, it would appear you believe you complement each other.  But let’s not forget the compliments. A person wants to be told when they looks dashing or has done something impressive. One wants the same sincerity with compliments that show that you still see then as desirable and that you are happy that they chose to share their life with you. Giving genuine compliments is a reaffirmation of the admiration so obvious when you were first together.

Be genuine with words of love

The three little words of “I love you” are important in every relationship. An unexpected text of an “I love you” can change a difficult day into a better one, knowing that your partner has your back. Some may say that if you say “I love you” too often, it becomes meaningless, but love is a powerful energy and it only becomes meaningless if the words are spoken out of habit and not with feeling. Saying “I adore you”,  “You are amazing” or “You’re everything to me” can elicit the same warmth as an “I love you” or even Klingon’s “qamuSHa’,” which literally translates to “I undo-hate you.”

Express gratitude

Appreciation for all the good things that your partner does that makes your life better will maintain a healthy and happy relationship. Gratitude acknowledges the time and effort being put to a task for the benefit of you or you and others. Gratitude is not only good for self-esteem but also erases any doubt that you are taking your partner for granted whilst maintaining a positive connection that you are both want.

Be close

When with others, do not be shy with small displays of affection in public, like holding hands in the street or touching the small of their back as you walk along. This connection is not only physical but also creates emotional and intellectual bonds, which is why these actions are so important in supporting a strong and happy relationship. This behaviour also builds trust in the relationship

Go to bed at the same time

Whilst you may not fall asleep at the same time, getting into bed at the same time helps you end the day together. This builds trust in the relationship, a chance to talk about the day gone and the day ahead. Staying up late to surf the internet, watch television or to do chores or other work should be avoided and saved for another time, since you may be losing out of time to be close.

Maintain joy and spirit

When you get bogged down in the responsibilities of work, home, kids and everything else on a list of things to do, find ways to step back and do something that makes you happy.  Laughter is the best medicine, so what a favourite comedian, a funny movie or do any activity that you know will raise your spirits and make you feel joyful. Simply put, couples who laugh together, stay together.

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