Geeky Fun Time is a podcast for all in celebration of genre and geek culture. Each episode we’ll have vibrant discussions on nerd themes, games, real opinions and fake guests! 

On episode 7 of GGA Studios’ Geeky Fun Time, television writer and nerd Brian D. Bradley joins Audrey Kearns and Jenny Flack to talk magic! The three share their love on systems of magic in literature, movies and tv. 

Jenny also scored a fantastic interview for this episode with the Sorting Cap of the southern wizarding school, Dottington!

Highlights from Geeky Fun Time episode 7!
  • Why does the Sorting Hat not like Jenny?
  • The Dottington Sorting Cap will help you achieve the mystical southern wizard vibe we didn’t know we needed
  • Audrey and Jenny get sorted, southern style
  • There’s a universe where only women can wield magic
  • Audrey, Jenny and Brian discuss their love of world where magic can have dangerous consequences
  • Brian gives a Gandalf lesson
  • Audrey, Jenny and Brian are given magical powers and share what they’ll do with them

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Audrey Kearns