Welcome to the episode 04 of GGA Studios Geeky Fun Time hosted by Audrey Kearns and Jenny Flack. Geeky Fun Time is a podcast for all in celebration of genre and geek culture. Each episode we’ll have vibrant discussions on nerd themes, games, real opinions and fake guests! 

On this episode of Geeky Fun Time, actor, improvisor and nerd Kelly Holden Bashar (Fargo) joins Audrey and Jenny to chat about the television shows they miss the most! Some were canceled before their time and some were lucky enough to end on their own but we miss them all just the same. 

Highlights from episode 3, Genre and Pop Culture Shows We miss

  • Jenny and Audrey interview a guest that has transported into the recording studio from the Enterprise
  • Starfleet has hair replicators
  • Charn is a popular name in the future
  • Can you get food poisoning from a replicator?
  • What kind of hooking up was going down on the Enterprise?
  • Audrey chooses not to talk about Farscape. Kind of. 
  • Audrey realizes that Syfy has broken her heart
  • the cancellation of Firefly will never stop hurting
  • wine glasses are distracting
  • You should watch The Knick
  • Is Tony Soprano the original anti-hero?
  • We all miss Golden Girls
  • Audrey, Jenny and Kelly enjoy a hilarious game of ‘Ships in the Night
  • ‘Ships in the Night can only be played while drinking wine spritzers


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