Welcome to the second episode of GGA Studios Geeky Fun Time hosted by Audrey Kearns and Jenny Flack. Geeky Fun Time is a podcast for all in celebration of genre and geek culture. Each episode we’ll have vibrant discussions on nerd themes, games, real opinions and fake guests! 

For episode two, Audrey and Jenny wanted to chat about their favorite sentient and A.I. ships because November 23 is International Tardis Day! To prepare they purchased a virtual helper a la Alexa and, well, things went awry. Brian Bradley also joins in discussion on the best sentient and A.I. ships and joins in the ridiculous Invent a Synopsis game. 

Here are some highlights from episode two of Geeky Fun Time
  • Audrey and Jenny plug in their new virtual assistant BEN and craziness ensues
  • Audrey once again lasts 0 seconds in the discussion before she brings up Farscape
  • How did the Cylons deal with all the gooey mess of running their bay ships?
  • Jenny won’t watch Event Horizon
  • What famous alien villain should have been played by Liza Minelli?
  • Audrey relates to the Borg a little too much
  • Audrey, Jenny and Brian play a super funny game of ‘Invent a Synopsis’

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Audrey Kearns

Editor-in-Chief, Founder at Geek Girl Authority
Audrey Kearns is a writer, actor, producer and the founder of Geek Girl Authority. She hosts and produces the podcasts Geeky Fun Time, Kneel Before Aud and the live storytelling show, 5 Truths and a Lie. She's also a Los Angeles producer for The Story Collider.
Audrey Kearns