GGA Studios has a new podcast! Welcome to Geeky Fun Time hosted by Audrey Kearns and Jenny Flack. Geeky Fun Time is a podcast for all in celebration of genre and geek culture. Each episode we’ll have vibrant discussions on nerd themes, games, real opinions and fake guests! 

For episode one, Audrey and Jenny interview a pretty famous film actor who always wanted to be a Star Trek captain, discuss their favorite science-fiction and fantasy worlds and try to put each other on the spot. 

Here are some highlights:
  • Our film star interview goes off the rails
  • In true Audrey fashion, she lasts 0 seconds into the discussion portion before she brings up Farscape
  • The Shire in LOTR has too many allergens
  • Audrey and Jenny make a case for them to be cast in The Expanse
  • If Jenny was a wizard, would she use a wand to change her son’s diaper?
  • Where would you vacation in Middle Earth and why don’t the elves in Rivendell sweep up?
  • Twitter loves Pern
  • Special guest – CHRIS TALLMAN!

Enjoy by clicking the play button below or on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or Blubrry



Audrey Kearns