We here at GGA feel that just one themed event in your life isn’t enough! So, we’ve decided to tackle BABY SHOWERS in addition to our Geeky Wedding ideas.

For our inaugural post and in celebration of this new season of Wynonna Earp, we’ll start with a Wynonna Earp themed baby shower!


Well, if you aren’t caught up (at least to the last two minutes of Season 2, Episode 5) then look away – there be spoilers below!


Only read below if you’re caught up.


I mean it.




THERE IS GOING TO BE A BABY EARP SOON! Why not give sister Waverly a hand with planning Wynonna’s shower? With that time warp from Hypnos in Episode 6, that screaming bundle of joy will be here sooner than natural. A normal supernatural pregnancy, just what the doc’ ordered (see what I did there? See? See? …yea, this is why I don’t have very many irl friends).

Boiling down and distilling a good theme for Wynonna’s baby shower isn’t much of a challenge: Whiskey & Donuts, of course! Add a good dose of a Wild West flair with subtle hints of Demon, Secret Government Agency, and Unicorn and there’s a gender-neutral baby shower fit for an heir!



Why does every “whiskey” themed invitation have to be all about the dad-to-be? Women love their liquor, too! And, man, does Wynonna enjoy knocking back a bottle or two! Cathy Henry, owner of the etsy shop SpencervilleJunction (on vacation until July 29), has two adorable versions of this Bourbon and Babies theme and she allows customization of all the wording, which can fix that pesky “dad-centric” issue (don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of the dad-to-be having/hosting his own party for the guys, but we’re planning a traditional “baby-centered” shower here).

Bourbon & Babies Invitation By Spencervillejunction

Bourbon & Babies Invitation By Spencervillejunction, etsy.com



Front Door Wreath

A wreath on the front door of the place hosting the baby shower is not necessary but it is nice to have something to let guests know they have arrived at the correct location. It seems that wreaths these days can be made with anything, so let’s grab some wooden blocks from the craft store and paint them, get THIS donut shaped pillow from etsy (by Julie Truong, JTruDIY), and then grab a bottle of whiskey and add a custom label (go ahead and empty the bottle; we won’t judge). Glue on a baby bottle nipple and you have a  very unique wreath special to your shower. Is it the classiest wreath? No, but it fits Wynonna Earp and we still love her just the same.

Geeky Baby Shower Wreath Wynonna Earp Composite Donut Whiskey By JtruDIY

Donut Pillow By JtruDIY, etsy.com


Hear me out on this one. To stick with the whiskey theme, string up a banner over the gifts table: BABY IS BREWING. How frickin’ adorable is that? Ok, credit for this goes to Beth Leung of the etsy shop Milk Tea Mochi Designs – she has a banner that reads “LOVE IS BREWING” but I am sure she would be alright switching up that first word! And maybe adding baby bottle nipples to the tops of those jugs….

Wynonna Earp Geeky Baby Shower Love is Brewing Banner By Milk Tea Mochi Designs etsy

Brewing Banner By Milk Tea Mochi Designs, etsy.com


Diaper Cake

One of the fun parts of a baby shower is seeing how creative people get with the “diaper cake”, which is basically a small work of art with diapers. The style that would fit Wynonna Earp’s baby shower would be the motorcycle diaper cake. There are many versions and options, plenty of DIY instructions online, but some awesome ones can be found online. And, bonus: if the diaper cake is made with cloth diapers, they are not only reusable, they are a money saver for the new mom, too!

Rae Lee Mae, owner of the etsy shop Rae Lee Mae Creations, offers an adorable motorcycle that also utilizes a bottle or two in the engine compartment for a more realistic design than some that I have seen.

Wynonna Earp Geeky Baby Shower Motorcycle Diaper Cake By Rae Lee Mae

Motorcycle DiaperCake By Rae Lee Mae, etsy.com

Photo Props

It has become sort of a new tradition to create props for guests to use while taking selfies and to create a hanging backdrop in a corner for the party guests to take their own little photographic memories. A few ideas for props are below:

  • Cardboard cutouts of bottles of whiskey
  • Felt or cardboard mustaches on sticks
  • Cardboard cutouts of black and straw-colored hats on sticks (Doc and Nichole)
  • Cardboard cutouts of Peacemaker – Bonus: in natural state, orange glow, and blue glow!
  • Plastic play glasses with yellow dragon-demon eyes painted on them
  • Blue and white pom poms
  • Go all out with red plastic play glasses, a white lab coat, and a clip board…
  • Make up some case files with a few manila folders and printer paper
  • Dig into the mom-to-be’s favorite episode for specific trinkets – like a skull or Suicide Jack playing card
  • The options are limitless!

As for backgrounds, hanging a plain white sheet from the wall will give a basic null background. If you are artistically inclined, try draping some white butcher paper and drawing out a scene from the show, like a bar with bar stools (Shorty’s). There is always the option of creating your own “case board” with cutouts and printings of vintage pictures and maps; add in a little string and sticky notes and you may just outshine Waverly.

Wynonna Earp Geeky Baby Shower Waverly's Wall

Wynonna Earp, SYFY


Snack Bar


What is the most memorable establishment in Wynonna Earp? Shorty’s, of course! I imagine that if Waverly didn’t want to invite everyone to the homestead (after that bridal shower, could you blame her?), she would host the baby shower at Shorty’s. So, as an homage to this, grab a custom wood sign to hang on the wall over the snack bar. Bonus: this sign can be reused later for the nursery door!

Geeky Baby Shower Wynonna Earp Custom Shorty's Sign

Create a custom Shorty’s sign for your snack bar!

And why not go into a little detail and label all the food items? Sure, you could go all in with the cutesy themed names, but how will you display those names? Would it be too wrong to bring in a touch of Willa here with origami cranes as card holders? I mean, before she was mentally poisoned, kidnapped, brainwashed, and killed, she was Wynonna’s older sister and best friend. Sure, the crane sanctuary changed who Willa was, but the cranes are delicate and cute enough to be brought in to a baby shower.

If you know how to fold the paper correctly, origami can be done at home by hand with your own paper or with a DIY craft kit. If you’d rather buy pre-folded cranes, there are plenty of places to look online. Etsy has many sellers offering their skills for your party (shown: origami crane by Nanazoolan over at etsy).

Geeky Baby Shower Wynonna Earp Snack Bar Origami Crane By Nanazoolan Etsy

Origami Crane By Nanazoolan, etsy.com

Finger Foods

Aside from needing to feed the pregnant lady, having a spread of filling, non-sugary foods is probably polite and good form. It’s acceptable to lay out fruits and vegetables with their respective dips, but what else can you do?

  • As a play on deviled eggs, practice up on your Easter skills and add shades of blue dye to a few of the boiled eggs, carefully remove the tops (or smash one end!) and scoop out the insides – these shells will be decoration for the platter. Take the egg whites of your boiled eggs (those that didn’t get destroyed/eaten for the platter art) and dye them in a quick water-dye bath to your desired color or shade (instructions from Paula at Frosted Fingers). Serve up deviled eggs as normal or add a little coloring to the yolk mixture and create Deviled Demon Eggs. 
  • A Goononna inspired skewer bouquet can be created with wooden skewers and mini pancakes. A few dipping options: syrup, jam, and honey. Go a little Southern and add in mini waffles and fried chicken bites or baked nuggets (these are skewers, after all) for a complete dish.
  • If you’re feeling really adventurous, grab some mini-takeout containers and fill them with small servings (lined with something to prevent leaks, though) from your favorite Chinese restaurant. This ode to Agent Dolls is sure to garner you some points with the lawman.
Geeky Baby Shower Wynonna Earp Snack Bar Composite

Chicken and Waffles on Stick, Hello, Wonderful | Pancakes on Stick, Pint Sized Baker
Dyed Deviled Eggs, Frosted Fingers | Takeout Containers, Oriental Trading


There must be a spread of donuts. Of all kinds. But, for those that don’t want so much sugar at once (I don’t know these people), go with some shaped sugar cookies. The cookies can be classic baby shower shapes: prams, bottles, round baby faces, and cutsie diapers. To throw a Wynonna Earp twist on them, add in some unicorns, tentacles, and Peacemaker shapes. 

Geeky Baby Shower Wynonna Earp Donut Stand By DandJLollipopStands etsy

Donut Stand By DandJLollipopStands, etsy.com

Geeky Baby Shower Wynonna Earp Shaped Sugar Cookies Tentacles Unicorns Diapers Bottles Prams Rattles

Baby Shower Shapes, Suarez Bakery | Diaper Shapes, MegCobbCreations, etsy.com
Tentacle Shapes, Craftster | Unicorn Shapes, Suarez Bakery


I can’t get over these two cakes. I couldn’t decide which would be the better option, but they both scream EARP to me. How? Well, the “Paige” cake is very delicate and vintage and reminds me of the flashbacks of before Willa was taken. It just calls to me as a warm, loving, simpler time. The “Oh Boy!” cake screams Waverly while also reminding me of Wynonna’s fashion. It’s modern day western, sophisticated, and clean cut. Admittedly, only one of those descriptors is truly Wynonna Earp…. Both of these cakes were featured on Cake Wrecks‘ Sunday Sweets (for obvious reasons) and either cake would be fitting of Wynonna Earp’s baby shower.

Geeky Baby Shower Wynonna Earp Cakes from CakeWrecks.com

“Paige” Cake by Sweet Irene, cakewrecks.com | “Oh Boy” Cake by It’s A Piece Of Cake!, cakewrecks.com




I’ve been to several baby showers where the guest of honor was all dolled up in a sash, a pin, and a crown, and I’ve been to some where she just had a sash. It’s pretty hard to miss a glowing woman with a watermelon-sized belly (it’s a healthy glow, not a quick!-Grab-Peacemaker glow), and wrangling her into anything other than a softly flowing, light dress will be near impossible. Let her do her own thing and just add a simple sash, like this one from Laura Bastin‘s etsy shop, CrazyCraftersFun:

Geeky Baby Shower Wynonna Earp Burlap Lace Mom To Be Sash by CrazyCraftersFun etsy

Mom to Be Sash By CrazyCraftersFun, etsy.com

Or, if you think the mom-to-be will be game for a little dress-up, suggest a little Wynonna inspired black fringe dress, similar to this design by Tobi.com:

Wynonna Earp Geeky Baby Shower Black Fringe Dress By Tobi

Black Fringe Dress, Tobi.com

Ok, so while the dress may be comfortable, mommy-to-be’s skin may be sensitive and all those fringes may make her irritable. There’s always the option of just doing straight up jeans and a vintage style top ala Wynonna. Big coat optional.

Geeky Baby Shower Wynonna Earp Outfit

Wynonna Earp, SYFY



No, I’m not saying set a dress code (though that’s not a bad idea). You could encourage everyone to pick a character and dress up, or you could just have costume props available for the guest to wear at their leisure during the party. It helps make your guests feel as though they really are part of the festivities and not just interlopers enjoying the fun scenery. A few options are below:

  • Hit up the party store for a few sheriffs badges and paint them black – Black Badge deputies!
  • While at the party store, dig out a few black cowboy hats – a touch of Doc!
  • …grab a few straw colored sheriff’s hats, too – bring in that Officer Haught!
  • Stop by the craft store and create a few leather strap and chain key necklaces – a touch of Wynonna!
  • Stick-on mustaches, anyone?

To save a little money, maybe just buy a few of these items and throw them in a box to go with the photo set noted above. It’s your party, don’t let me tell you what to do.

Geeky Baby Showers Wynonna Earp We Should Get T-Shirts Gif


Party Games, Activities, & Prizes


Somehow, I don’t think Wynonna would stand for many games at her party…. But there is one game I bet she would be alright with: Baby Bottle Chugging! How does it work? You take a few baby bottles (number depends on guests participating) and fill them with apple juice. Top them with the smallest / slowest flow nipples you can find (disposable nipples will be great for this since the bottles can be washed and left with the mother-to-be, but nobody wants to share bottle nipples) and pass them out to game participants. A judge (typically the mom-to-be) calls the start to the race and all participants must chug down the juice as fast as they can. The first one done (without cheating!) gets the prize.

Geeky Baby Shower Wynonna Earp Apple Juice Bottle Chug Game from BabyPrepping



One of my favorite baby shower activities to participate in is the Onsie Creation Station. Set up a station with plain white onsies, fabric paints, markers, inkpads, and glues (double-sided iron-on glue is a good choice, too), patterned fabric scraps, stencils, felt, and stamps. With this being a Wynonna Earp themed baby shower, try stopping by your local fabric shop and scooping up Wild West themed fabric scraps as well as motorcycle and baby themed scraps. If you’re lucky, you may even find donut themed fabric! Don’t forget some unicorns! Let guests take turns cutting the fabric or felt into shapes and gluing them onto the onsies and decorating with the fabric paints and markers and stamps. Encourage everyone to sign their creations and the new baby will have an entire Wynonna Earp inspired wardrobe as unique as the heir herself! An example is shown below, courtesy of Parents Magazine.


While I’m not a fan of prizes given out at a shower of any kind, I can get behind the idea of competing for bragging rights. To go along with this, a snarky ribbon is the best way to go, in my opinion. It’s something that is fun, cheap, and can easily fit into a scrapbook (if the winner or party host is into that hobby). Elisa, of the etsy shop LetsWearDresses, has some cute snarky bachelorette party ribbons that could be easily adapted for a baby shower (she does offer generic baby shower pins, but I’m a fan of that Hot Mess and think something more Wynonna can be printed). 

Geeky Baby Shower Wynonna Earp Snarky Ribbons By LetsWearDresses etsy

Snarky Ribbons By LetsWearDresses, etsy.com

Goody Bags

Along the same lines as prizes, I’m not a fan of sending guests home with goody bags. But when I saw that LiquidCourage sells mini 50ml bottles with customizable labels, I knew these had to be added to the Wynonna Earp baby shower. Why? Well, the label can read whatever you want, which makes this a great “thank you for celebrating the impending birth of a possible Revenant-Heir” gift to party goers. Just buy the bottles and labels, fill them with your liquid of choice (might I suggest whiskey for the adult guests and apple juice for the younger crowd?), slap on the custom labels, and you’re done. That’s it. Encourage your guests to leave with any leftover food from the snack bar and your cleanup and food storage drops significantly.

Geeky Baby Shower Wynonna Earp Custom Liquor Labels By LiquidCourage etsy

Custom Liquor Labels By LiquidCourage, etsy.com


Gift Ideas

Alright, let’s say you aren’t hosting, but you’ve been invited. What can you gift to the mom-to-be for the baby? 

Geeky Baby Shower Wynonna Earp Gift Ideas Mustache Pacifier Embroidered Bunny Crochet Pattern Cowboy Hat Boots Motorcycle Rocking Horse

Embroidered Bunny, peekawhoo.com | Crochet Cowboy Hat & Boots (Pattern), JojosBootique, etsy.com
Mustachifier, Amazon | Rocking Motorcycle, EastWestWoodProducts, etsy.com


Do you know how hard it is to find baby shower things that deserve the description badass? I did my best here to design a baby shower worthy of the little Earp. If there is anything I missed or if you have your own suggestions, just let me know! And if you do pull off a Wynonna Earp themed baby shower of your own, we’d love to hear about it!

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