It is World Book Day, so whether you’re old school and like to flip page to page or have embraced technology and rely on your nifty Kindle or iPad Mini, here are five must-have books that are sure to Geek-Shui your home!

1. The Chronicles Of Narnia- C.S.Lewis. This was my gateway series into fantasy. I couldn’t stop reading these books as a kid. I devoured them over and over. I wanted to have a faun for a friend and a lion for a hero.



2. 1984– George Orwell. A dystopian novel in which Big Brother is watching you. Political fiction that doesn’t seem so far fetched anymore. Another story that I was obsessed with, am still obsessed with. There was always something romantic about it to me, but I’m weird.



3. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?- Philip K. Dick. I had a small paperback that I would sleep with all through my teens. What separates humans from androids? What does it mean to be human? I should mention also the basis for the movie, Blade Runner.



4. Dracula– Bram Stoker. Then there was the time I became obsessed with Vampires. Actually it start around 8 or 9, I would check out any book at the library that I could find having to do with vampires. My poor, conservative parents really thought I was headed for a life of Satanism but in all actuality it was just the glamour of immortality, the fact that vampires seemed to get whatever they wanted and that seemingly obtained unlimited wealth. What more does a little girl want?



5. Interview With The Vampire- Anne Rice. I mean, probably my favorite Anne Rice novel. I can’t count how many times I’ve read this book and of course the child vampire, Claudia. How can I not love it!




These are just a few books that bring me comfort and balance so tell me, what books are must-haves in your home?

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