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What I wouldn’t pay to see this geek girl’s dream team in one movie. Tell me I’m wrong, tell me I’m wrong to my face!

OK, so in the movie Colin Firth is my husband but our relationship is strained. We’re not talking much these days so I’ve been confiding in a friend from work, Martin Freeman. I think he’s a dear friend, but secretly Martin Freeman has feelings for me. All of a sudden Earth is taken over by an alien species made up of very white Brits. Benedict, James, Tom, and Ewan ( The Captain). These supermen types pick me to help repopulate their planet and I tell them “No, you can’t tell me what to do with my body” and also there’s just too many. Then Ewan sings me a song about how it’s really love and I join him in a moving duet, but during  I realize that I don’t need a super-intelligent, not of this world,  super-pasty brit, I just want my husband Colin Firth and well…..Happily ever after.

"Arthur Newman" Portraits - 2012 Toronto International Film Festival

Colin FirthMr. Darcy, Shakespeare In Love, Bridget Jones


Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins, Dr. John Watson, The Office, Love Actually


Benedict Cumberbatch – Sherlock, Star Trek, The Hobbit, Dr. Strange


 Tom Hiddleston – Thor, The Avengers

Picture 006

 James McAvoy X-Men, The Chronicles OF Narnia, Wanted, Frankestein


Ewan McGregor  Star Wars, Moulin Rouge, Big Fish, Trainspotting 


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