Here at Geek Girl Cantina we’ll be wrapping up the week in Star Wars news. This week we hear some Lando news, get a new Battlefront II trailer and more! Roger roger? Let’s get into it.


Colin Trevorrow on Leia

Director/Writer Colin Trevorrow sat down with Cinemablend and of course Star Wars came up. With Carrie Fisher‘s unfortunate passing, the movie had to be reworked. You can see our coverage of it here

She was a major character, that’s not a secret. She really was. And it was extremely sad for all of us, mostly just because she was so loved by the Star Wars family and everyone that worked with her. I feel like our options are limited mostly by ourselves, in that there is only certain things that we are willing to do. But I can guarantee it will be handled with love and respect, and all of the soul that Carrie Fisher deserves.

It was really reassuring to hear. Of course we know Lucasfilm wouldn’t do anything to harm Fisher’s legacy. At least we hope so. 


Star Wars Land at D23

According to The Disney Parks Blog, Star Wars Land will have a presence at D23. The creative minds behind the project plan on giving guests a look at locations, droids and other things set to be in the park. According to the site:

Guests can catch a glimpse of the locations, starships, creatures and droids that will populate this remote village on the Outer Rim, and experience the world premiere of a detailed model showcasing the immersive 14-acre lands coming to Disney Parks in 2019. There will be plenty of artwork and media on display to show guests the creative process bringing the Star Wars, galaxy to life.

I hope non-attendees will be able to catch a glimpse because this seems really exciting. We’ve seen bits and pieces of the park but not enough.


Wolf Clarification

Rumor had been circulating that Ahsoka would make a return to Star Wars Rebels. With the trailer for the final season, fans had noticed markings on the face of a wolf. Markings that fans believed were those like Ahsoka’s! The rumor went off in a fury. There was nothing confirmed by Lucasfilm…until now. Dave Filoni gave fans a birthday treat by giving the answer.

Sorry, theorists. 


The Star Wars Show

This week on The Star Wars Show, they talked Battlefront II details. They talk Star Wars Lego Freemaker Adventures’ with star Eugene Byrd. And, we also got to hear from a man who has a great job at Lucasfilm. I may or may not be jealous. As a bonus, check out Freemaker’s as well


Donald Glover Talks Lando Calrissian

Donald Glover sat down for an interview with Deadline to talk about Atlanta. And of course they talked about Star Wars and the upcoming untitled Han Solo movie. We were able to hear from the actor about what it’s like so far. He’s pretty vague but it’s enough to get people excited. 

This is probably one of my favorite experiences ever. For working under, like, a huge conglomerate, it’s actually been quite an enjoyable, artistic thing. I get to play him in a way that I think is honest and true and cool. And it’s great ’cause I didn’t have to write anything, I’m focused strictly on being this guy. And I really respect him and I respect the actor who played him before. I’ve learned a lot about this character, so it’s actually been really fulfilling and nice to just turn off everything else and focus on just being someone. So it’s been cool.

You can see our full coverage of it here. In addition, Woody Harrelson shared a picture with Glover sporting the Lando moustache. While wearing a Donald Duck shirt. …yes. I can’t either.

With my buddy #Donald Glover in Spain

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Official Gameplay Trailer

Fans of Battlefront got a treat this weekend at E3. The official gameplay trailer debuted and what a trailer it was! We were able to see all the generations duking it out. All in Theed, the capital of Naboo. Fans of the prequels will be comforted to see that we’re taken care of. Though it’s a little sad to see beautiful Theed being demolished. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!


It was a quiet week so that’s all the news we have you! Be sure to come back next week for more Star Wars news!