Here at Geek Girl Cantina we’ll be wrapping up the week in Star Wars news. This week saw the premiere of Forces of Destiny, Dave Filoni continues to tease Ahsoka’s fate and more! Return to Echo Base immediately so we can get right into it.

Han Solo Updates

As we know, the Han Solo film got a bit shaken up over the past few weeks. Luckily for us, things seem to be back on schedule and continuing forward. New director Ron Howard is even in the editing bay, sharing a picture of his mug of choice. 

In addition, TMZ shared some leaked set pictures, showing Woody Harrelson and Alden Ehrenreich along with Chewie meeting up. The room itself is fascinating, seemingly showcasing artifacts of eras gone by. I can’t make anything out but if you wish to see it, you can follow the link. Note: Typically we do not share leaked images as we like to keep news in the official realm. These photos were too interesting not to share.


The Last Jedi Behind the Scenes Footage at D23?

Last week we heard that Lucasfilm will be making a minimal appearance at SDCC this year. Just having Celebration in Orlando a few months ago, we can’t blame them. However, the Disney owned company is set bring something to Disney’s own convention, D23. While it’s unlikely we’re getting another trailer (though I so desperately want one), we may be getting a behind the scenes reel. SWNN has theorized that it won’t include much new footage.

There is a chance, however, to get something more from Han Solo. Fingers crossed tightly for a teaser trailer! With Ron Howard in the editing bay, there’s a chance! We’ll have to wait and see.


Star Wars at Hascon

You want Star Wars toys? They have Star Wars toys! The presence at the toy convention will be large and varying in material. With thanks again to SWNN, they have a full breakdown of what’s coming Sept 8th – 10th at the convention set in Providence, RI. 


  • Photo ops with the Emperor’s Throne, Yoda, and Stormtrooper statues
  • Pose like a real action figure and get your picture in with three different life-size action figure
    backer cards


  • Feast your eyes on 40 years of iconic Star Wars products
  • Highlights of the current product line with a preview of the epic The Last Jedi 2018 line-up
  • Take part in the world’s largest lightsaber build, sponsored by Blade Builders


  • Hang out in the screening area & lounge to watch Forces of Destiny episodes, Episode 8 trailer,
    designer desks and other content


  • From a galaxy far, far away, we have some fan-tastic panels, including:
  • Star Wars: 40 Years of Play: Star Wars team members, veterans and newcomers alike will
    discuss their favorite products, hidden history and even the line’s origins at Kenner in 1977
  • Behind the Black Series: Design Director Steve Evans and the talented team behind The Black
    Series gives a behind-the-scenes look at development of the line, never-before-seen details and
    other great surprises
  • Star Wars – Forces of Destiny: Join the team as they take you behind the scenes and dive into the
    creative process of developing the exciting new Star Wars Force of Destiny line

Not bad for a toy convention! I’m curious to see how large their presence is overall. Seems like a toy-lovers dream, to be honest. Though I’m most interested in the Forces of Destiny toys. I’m curious if they’ll have any exclusives.


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Rian Johnson’s First Pitch

It was Star Wars night at Dodger Stadium on July 7th, so they had Episode 8 director Rian Johnson throw out the first pitch. As Johnson said himself, he was more nervous about the pitch than the premiere of the movie later this year. On Twitter, the Dodgers shared his pitch and I wouldn’t know it’s him unless they told me. He also shared a picture of the field and thanked the Dodgers for an ‘experience of a lifetime’.


The Star Wars Show

This week, the gang took the week off. So instead, we got a look at the behind the scenes of making the show. Sometimes it takes a reminder to realize just how much goes into making a web show. It’s also interesting to note that they film multiple interviews in a day. Thanks for the fun and hard work, you guys!


Ahsoka’s Fate

With the airing of Forces of Destiny this week, Ahsoka creator Dave Filoni continued to fan the flames on her fate. In an image and dialogue, we see that Ahsoka met the Force user Bendu. A centuries old creature who uses both the light and the dark sides of the Force. He met with the former Jedi and told her that her mission was a fateful one. Once again, Filoni likes to tease fans with the continued cryptic messages.


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Forces of Destiny

This week, the Disney YouTube channel release a new “episode” every day, giving us 2-3 minutes of new Star Wars stories. Not a bad way to spend the week. As said, the episodes are around 2 to 3 minutes each. Not long, but enough to have a bit of fun. Each episode starts with Maz Kanata, reminding us all of an important lesson.
“The choices we make, the actions we take, moments both big and small, shape us into forces of destiny.”

Episode 1 – Sands of Jakku

This episode sees Rey and BB-8 come into contact with a character we got to see in The Force Awakens. While in the film it was just a set of eyes above the sand, we learn that the Nightcrawler Worm is actually extremely large and loves to eat scrap metal. Therefore, BB-8 is a delicious snack. Not sure why he let BB by in the night but regardless. Rey uses her wits to get BB back before he’s eaten and makes sure the Worm also gets to eat.

I really enjoyed this episode. Not just because it had BB-8, but also because it showed Rey’s quick thinking and compassion for all living things. 


Episode 2 – BB-8 Bandits

This episode sees Rey and BB encounter Teedos trying to steal BB-8. Rey again uses her quick wit, using her speeder to great effect. We also get a reappearance of the Nightcrawler Worm.

Again, I liked this episode. It had some of the best action so far with Rey on her speeder but also her being able to feed the Nightcrawler Worm again, even saying to enjoy it’s dinner. It’s just a cute episode.


Episode 3 – Ewok Escape

This episode features our favorite princess turned General as she encounters more Ewoks. Already in the company of Wicket, they rescue two more Ewoks who have been cornered by Stormtroopers. We also have the tie-in as to how she got to their home and her wardrobe change. 

This was a nice episode. I wasn’t really sold on the vocal performance but I’ll let it slide. It was also nice to just get this little added bonuses to the films. Just little fill ins as to what happened.


Episode 4 – The Padawan Path

This episode sees Ahsoka on her way to a ceremony. On her way there, she helps a mother and son being attacked by a robot. Late and covered in dirt, she arrives to accept her advancement in her padawan path.

It had some pretty good action and it’s inserted humor of Anakin and Yoda waiting. I haven’t really seen The Clone Wars so I don’t connect with Ahsoka very much. But for fans, I’m sure hearing Ashley Eckstein and Matt Lanter again was a treat.


Episode 5 – Beasts of Echo Base 

This episode sees Chewie being trapped by a Wampa. Leia and R2 find him and they help Chewie escape. Leia distracts the Wampa by running around until they fix the door. Just in the knick of time, the Wampa isn’t allowed into the base.

This episode is based on a deleted scene from The Empire Strikes Back where C3PO takes a sign off a door. Snowtroopers find the door and try to go in, only to be met face to face with a Wampa. I liked the vocal work better in this episode. One thing, and it’s picky, but I do not like Chewie with hands. I don’t know why the animators thought it would be a good idea to show Chewie’s hands? Especially cause at most we’ve seen just his finger tips, and that was in TFA. Alas, another fun little episode.


Episode 6 – The Imposter Inside

This episode sees Ahsoka helping Padme check the perimeter of her apartment. Padme asks if Ahsoka will stay but she doesn’t want to rub elbows with politicians. However, she notices the servant placing utensils down. She brings attention to it, as the beings coming will be offended by it. Padme notes her instructions were clear and asks who the servant is. Turns out, it’s a shape-shifting bounty hunter. Ahsoka and Padme team up to take the hunter down.

While I’m glad Padme was included, I felt that made her a little weak. When she finds a bomb on the table, she just yells to Ahsoka that there’s one there. It’s possible that the bomb is stuck on there and can’t be moved. But it felt weird to have her yell only for Ahsoka to force push it out the window. At least she gets a good smack in at the end.


Episode 7 – The Stranger

This episode sees Jyn helping a little girl keep her Tooka. For some reason, Tookas are not permitted and stormtroopers try to take the cat. That’s when Jyn intervenes, taking out the troopers before tracking down the cat. Of course, the cat gets in on the butt-kicking too before being reunited with it’s owner.

I want more Jyn stories. I really enjoyed the character and since her story has ended, I just want to see more. She has probably one of the most interesting backgrounds. So more please. Also now we can add “Cat saver” to her title of Rebel Hero.

Overall, they’re really cute little clips. I’m still not a fan of the animation but I like these snippets of canon. Can’t wait to see what the full episodes look like plus our remaining episodes to air online. 


Yoda Puppet Wins

Your weekly funny consists of an old commerical. Shared on the Star Wars Twitter page, we see the ad focus on a Yoda puppet and lightsaber. The child with the puppet does his best Yoda impression and it’s just hilarious. To make it worse, the Twitter page titled it “A future Frank Oz?” So good. Check out the commercial for yourself.


That’s it for this week’s news. Was their something you think we missed? Let us know. Be sure to come back next week for more Star Wars news.