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DISCLAIMER: The following contains major spoilers for Wynonna Earp. If you’re not already caught up with the first two seasons, launch Netflix and watch Season 1 now and Season 2 when it drops on June 9! Season 3 comes to Syfy in July!

Wynonna Earp

Quick Note:

Many resources on Wynonna Earp claim she is Wyatt Earp’s great-granddaughter. This is not the case. She is his great-great-granddaughter. See the family tree for reference:  Wyatt Earp > Josiah Earp > Edwin Earp > Ward Earp > Wynonna Earp

Fast Facts:

Wynonna Earp (portrayed by Melanie Scrofano) is the great-great-granddaughter of famous wild west gunslinger, Wyatt Earp. She is introduced as the black sheep in her family, initially traveling across the world to run from problems in her youth before returning home to Purgatory to pay her respects to her late uncle. Things at home inside the Ghost River Triangle aren’t exactly as they appear and she soon learns that there are demons (called Revenants) that haunt the land, waiting for the Earp heir (Wynonna) to come of age and inherit Wyatt’s curse. These Revenants are the damned souls of the 77 men and women that Wyatt killed with his gun, Peacemaker, before he was cursed by the demon Clootie; every time the current Earp heir dies, the Revenants return from Hell, with less of their mental capabilities and more primal evil desires, and wait for the next heir to turn 27 so they can kill him or her and the entire Earp line. Wynonna reluctantly takes the mantel of Earp Heir so she can avenge her uncle’s death and learn the truth about what happened the night her father died.

Wynonna Earp Season 1 Purgatory Target Practice

Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp | Syfy

The Real Deal

Wynonna was the middle child, but the night the Earp homestead was attacked, her eldest sister (and previous heir), Willa (Natalie Krill), was kidnapped and her father, Ward (Patrick J. MacEachern), was killed. It turns out that it was Wynonna who, trying to save her family, shot Ward with Peacemaker. Willa was kidnapped by Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund), the leader of one faction of the Revenants, with the hopes of having her fall in love with him as she grew up so that they could, together, break the curse. Years later, after finally forgiving herself of the honorable good intentions of a child, she reunites with Willa (ultimately killing her, too, but because she turned evil instead of falling in love with Bobo) and finally gets comfortable with Peacemaker on her hip. Having grown up bouncing between mental institutions and therapists and being told constantly that she’s a screw up, Wynonna is very much anti-authority. Her distrust and skepticism clash with her new role as an agent of Black Badge under Agent Dolls (Shamier Anderson), but she blossoms in her new position.

Death becomes a way of life for Wynonna, but it never turns her into a hardened woman. She seeks out little comforts where she can, be it with her sister or in the arms of (also cursed) Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon), or the bottom of a whiskey bottle. The latter two options become even more prevalent when it is discovered that the Ghost River Triangle wasn’t necessarily meant as a prison to keep the Revenants in, but as a sanctuary to keep other Big Bads out. Willa’s actions sent ripples through the land and created an even bigger mess for Wynonna and Black Badge, which only made the hunt for Demon Clootie that much harder. Even worse than that, in the mess of dealing with a sorcerer that manipulated time, Wynonna found out she was very pregnant and had no idea who the father was (there was an incident after her first kill where she drank far too much at a bar in another town). The new baby became a target of interest for many of Wynonna’s enemies, adding an even heavier layer of trouble for the heir.

To sum it up: Wynonna’s life is far from ideal and she must continue to push through every adversity to save the world, one demon and Revenant and monster at a time.

Wynonna Earp Digging Up Bones Wynonna On a Car

Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp, Shamier Anderson as Agent Dolls | Syfy

Why She Matters

All too often, the hero of a story shows up like a white knight, pristine, and near perfect, to rescue the damsel in distress. He overlooks her flaws, kisses her, and they ride off into the sunset together, happily ever after. Nobody is perfect and Wynonna isn’t a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued. She tries to protect her sister Waverly and take down the Revenants on her own, even if it means her own injury or death. When confronted with how headstrong and stubborn her sister is (must be an Earp thing, right?), Wynonna accepts her help and the two work together. She learns the hard way to trust those around her, but ultimately creates her own bonded family in Waverly, Agent Dolls, Doc Holliday, Officer Nichole Haught (Katherine Barrell), and former Black Badge scientist Jeremy (Varun Saranga). She knows what she wants and goes for it, improvising when she needs to, and not letting anyone tell her she can’t do it. She also doesn’t get distracted and freak out when she learns that her boss is a…fire breathing dragon-lizard-dude? Or when she realizes her sister is gay. She just learns to accept everyone for who they are and rolls with it. 

Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Wavery Earp, Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp, Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday | Syfy

While we don’t suggest going out and getting your lineage cursed or hunting down any demons or monsters or anything crazy, we do hope that you come to accept what other people view as your faults. Never give up on yourself or your friends and fight for what is right. Keep an open mind. And, for all that you hold dear, seek help when you need it; this is one of Wynonna’s hardest learned lessons. 

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