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***Please Be Aware That This Post Contains Spoilers for ALL Seasons of Game of Thrones***

Sansa Stark

Fast Facts:

Sansa Stark (portrayed by Sophie Turner) is the eldest of the two Stark daughters in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series and the HBO series based on the books, Game of Thrones. Sansa is known for being very girly and adhering to the strict gender roles expected of noble Westeros families. 

The Real Deal:

I am a member of many minority groups, the smallest of which is “People Who Like Sansa Stark”. Our numbers have grown in recent years, but it’s always been an intimate club. Why? Why do people hate Sansa so so much? To be honest, she was kind of insufferable early on. Sansa seemed more focused on her hair and future marriage to Goffrey (RIP – Rest in Purple) than her family and what was going on with them. But, despite all that, I knew that there was something crush-of-the-week-worthy underneath all of her unlikable qualities. I was, as usual, right. Sansa has become Lady of Winterfell, Acting Queen in the North, beloved by her people, and she’s earned the respect of her (remaining) siblings. She’s a fighter and everyone knows it now. 

Why Does She Matter:

Sansa matters because even through all of the changes she’s had to endure, she’s been true to herself. She isn’t respected because she shirked the feminine qualities that she was expected to adopt in her childhood. She is respected because she is so skilled in these qualities: things like diplomacy and loyalty. Arya is strong, but so is Sansa. When Littlefinger tried to tear them apart, Sansa was able to finally catch him by outsmarting him – not through wild accusations. In a world where feminine qualities are often undervalued, it’s nice to turn on the TV and see Sansa Stark not only using them but using them to survive. Who knows – if Robb had been more like Sansa, maybe he’d be alive today. 

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