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DISCLAIMER: The following contains spoilers for Vikings. If you have not seen this series, you are in for a violently epic treat! Go to Amazon Prime and binge all seasons now!! Lagertha also existed in real life. There are some spoilers for that too, but we’re focusing on her portrayal in the show.  


Fast Facts: 

Lagertha (played by Katheryn Winnick) is a shield-maiden, wife, queen, warrior and all around hero. In legend, she first appears at Ragnar Lothbrok’s side when avenging the death of the King of Norway. In the series, she starts as a fierce farmer’s wife whose greatness is apparent to everyone around her, and everyone watching.  

Lagertha is under constant threat. She fights off home invaders, a husband, a plague, rapists, the English, fire, another husband, a rival queen, a civil war, and dark prophecies. But, she cannot be stopped. She finds herself ruling her people and fighting against the sons of the love of her life. Her fate is written by the gods. She is legend itself.

The Real Deal:

Lagertha is at once violent and nurturing. She is torn between mother and warrior. She is a fierce maternal force for her children and for her people. The warrior in her is always right up front. After the loss of her daughter and then two more pregnancies, she leans in to ruling, fighting and winning. She is honorable, cunning, smart, bold, and fearless.  Her loyalty to the people she loves and trusts is undying. And, so is she. For five seasons, despite being in greater danger than most other characters on a regular basis, no one can kill her. 

Why She Matters:

Lagertha is a true legend of a true woman who ruled Norway. And, the portrayal of that legend on the small screen does justice to her memory. She is a character that is uncompromisingly strong and unapologetically female. She demands respect. She is an equal to her partners and a queen to her people. Those who underestimate her, die. It’s that simple. Lagertha is power and inspiration. She is the artist and the muse. What is better than that? And, though the series follows Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and then his sons, she is the character you want to follow. She is the one you want to succeed. She is the center of the Vikings universe. Lagertha is proof that a true queen does not need a king.  

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