Welcome to this week’s installment of Geek Girl Authority Crush of the Week. Every week, we will highlight an awesome female character from, or a creator of, geeky media. 

Kenzi Malikov

Fast Facts:

Mackenzie “Kenzi” Malikov (portrayed by Ksenia Solo) is the wise-cracking street-smart thief who stole viewers’ hearts as Bo’s best friend, business partner and confidant on the Canadian sci-fi drama Lost Girl

The Real Deal:

When we meet Kenzi, she’s stealing wallets in the bar where Bo is working as a bartender. From that moment, she and Bo become inseparable. Kenzi is a feisty, tiny survivor who constantly keeps Bo grounded and connected to the world of humans, no matter how deep either of them becomes entrenched in the world of the Fae. Kenzi also has a stunning collection of wigs, half of which have probably been acquired in some morally unsound fashion. 

Why Does She Matter:

Kenzi acts as the show’s conscience. What I love about Kenzi in this particular role is that she’s not perfect: she’s a thief, she’s a con artist, she’s a nuisance. She poses as a mystic and healer to get cash from realtors. She is constantly accidentally endangering herself and others. She almost got Dyson killed when she asked Baba Yaga to put a curse on him. The great thing about all of that, though, is that we aren’t perfect either. No one ever doubts that Kenzi has good intentions. No one, for a second, thinks her heart isn’t in the right place. As humans, we are fallible. Kenzi shows that even in a world of succubi, shapeshifters, sirens, and valkyries, human beings deserve love and respect. Even when we mess up. Especially when we mess up. 

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