Welcome to this week’s installment of Geek Girl Authority Crush of the Week, wherein we shine a spotlight on strong women who inspire us. Now, this not only includes fictional female characters in geeky media but creators as well. These ladies are a prime example of female empowerment and how crucial it is for youth to have said example to follow.

DISCLAIMER: The following is loaded with spoilers for Netflix‘s supernatural crime drama The Irregulars!

Bea Cook

Fast Facts:
Bea outfront of 221B Baker Street in The Irregulars.

Bea out front of 221B Baker Street in The Irregulars. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Bea Cook (Thaddea Graham) is the heart of the misfit gang of kids hired by Watson (Royce Pierreson) to investigate the supernatural cases in Victorian London. As a child, she was orphaned along with her sister Jessie (Darci Shaw) after the death of their mother, Alice (Eileen O’Higgins). Bea and Jessie were sent to live in the workhouse where they met Billy (Jojo Macari) and begin forming their found family. Bea was physically and mentally abused by the masters in the workhouse but did her best to make sure her sister was protected. They eventually were able to leave and find their own home and source of income.

In the streets of London, Bea secured housing in the cellar below a tavern and continued to take care of the others. Eventually, Spike (McKell David) would join them as well. Bea worked odd jobs and even turned to stealing to make whatever money she could to support them. Eventually, she was approached by Doctor John Watson to investigate peculiar cases happening in London. Around the same time, Leopold (Harrison Osterfield) made his first appearance and befriended the group of misfits. Along with the gang, she takes on a man who can control birds, a woman stealing teeth and even a murderer using tarot cards to cast spells. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Bea soon uncovers that Watson is hiding something and seeks out his business partner Sherlock Holmes (Henry Llyod-Hughes) to get some answers. But this uncovers more than she could have ever expected. Her sister’s mysterious nightmares and the supernatural cases in London all tie to one thing – The Rip. The same thing that took her mother when she was working alongside Sherlock and Watson. Bea decides to do everything in her power to figure out where The Rip is located and how to close it without losing her sister or anyone else in the process. With some quick thinking, Bea figures out how they can find The Rip and alongside Jessie, Bea saves London and return things to normal.

The Real Deal:

Bea is the real deal. She is the de facto leader of this misfit gang and does everything in her power to make sure they are safe. Both the “mom” and “dad” of the group, she goes out of her way to ensure that everyone is okay. Leopold told her once that what made her so different from everyone else was her compassion and how she put everyone else first. Spike even refers to her as the heart of the group. But she is more than that; Bea is brilliant and has a pretty strong backbone. Even Sherlock Holmes praised her for uncovering the mystery behind The Linen Man’s (Clake Peters) plan to find one of the affected.

Bea isn’t someone to give up easily and puts herself in danger time and time again to protect her found family. She even kills the tooth fairy woman to stop her from using her clone to kill Billy. While she struggles with this choice and others, she never allows herself to jeopardize her friends. When it comes to light that Leopold is the Prince of England, she sends him away even though she loves him because she knows him being there could cause trouble for the others. This also makes her question what his true intentions are and even though she feels sorry for herself, she still strives to help everyone else.

Why She Matters:
Bea settling in to listen to Sherlock's story in The Irregulars.

Bea settling in to listen to Sherlock’s story in The Irregulars. Image courtesy of Netflix.

So why does she matter? Like Spike tells Billy in “Chapter Seven: The Ecstasy of Death”, Bea is the heart of their group. She leads them through their cases and makes sure that everyone comes out safely on the other side. Bea has the compassion to help care for those around her and understand what they are going through. She is a brilliant detective and can uncover secrets that others may overlook. Bea even has the backbone to hold her own even against those who look down on her. No matter what trouble comes her way – supernatural or real-world issues, Bea is ready to take them head-on.

So, be like Bea. Be compassionate to those around you, be strong for your friends and family and strengthen up your backbone in the face of others who want to put you down!

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