Happy GGA Anniversary!


Today marks Geek Girl Authority’s sixth anniversary. We officially launched our website on May 4th, 2014, Star Wars Day. We are particularly excited for this one as we recently achieved a milestone in 2019. We ended that year with over one million views on the website! And now in 2020, we’re on course to breaking that record spectacularly as we’re already closing in on 900,000 views and it’s only May!

We thought it would be fun to gather our favorite memories and milestones for each of the our six years. Take a walk down memory lane with us! And thank you, truly, for being a part of our world. 



-We did it! Our website was built and launched officially on May the 4th, Star Wars Day! 

-Our first offerings were some home grown youtube videos shot in our back yards about the life of robots in Better With Robots. 

-In October of 2014, GGA hosted panels (with Legion of Leia) at Stan Lee’s Comikaze (now Los Angeles Comic Con) and held our first Iconoclash! The latter was a tournament style contest about which female heroes were our favorite! Joining us in the conversation was Mythbusters’ Grant Imahara and a tremendous icon himself, Len Wein! Ellen Ripley won the tournament, by the way.

Len Wein appears on a comic con panel with audrey kearns, claudia dolph, jenna busch, jenny flack, grant imahara, matt key, alan kistler and joseph scrimshaw


-GGA hosted a panel with 5 Truths and a Lie Storytelling at DragonCon. Our panelists/storytellers included Eddie McClintock, Hugh Howey, Sam Huntington, Garret Wang, Meaghan Rath and Grant Imahara!




-We took our Iconoclash panel to Las Vegas Comic-Con, this time Leia Organa won the tournament.

-GGA began focusing on covering pop culture and entertainment.

-At Dragon Con we had another successful 5 Truths and a Lie Storytelling panel. This time our storyteller/panelists included Scott Thompson, Merrin Dungey, Jesse Rath, Aaron Abrams, Amber Benson and Naomi Grossman. 




-In 2016, we brought on our first large group of contributors. Most of these fine writers are now co-editors with Geek Girl Authority! 

-We formally stated our mission: to provide a welcoming space for joy within the Geek Culture and Pop Culture Universes.

-We launched our Booze and Phasers podcast!

-At San Diego Comic-Con, I saw Steven Moffat hanging by the Marriott pool. With some prodding from friends, we got a lovely 10 minute interview with the Doctor Who showrunner for Kneel Before Aud!

Audrey Kearns interviewing Steven Moffat for Geek Girl Authority at SDCC


-At Dragon Con, our 5 Truths and a Lie storyteller/panelists included Amber Nash, Anthony Lemke, Eddie McClintock, Gigi Edgley and Roger Cross. 

Team Video Games entered the arena. While we managed as a small two-person team in 2016, video game culture was growing exponentially along with a steady rise in new releases. In time, we added passionate, enthusiastic video game contributors to cover news, announcements, conventions, reviews, and previews. Every day is a gaming day and the writers of Team Video Games will continue to bring the news and our honest impressions about video games.



-Our redesign of the Geek Girl Authority website went live! 

-Team Recap was born! At GGA, we provide recaps for many television and streaming shows. Our team of recappers are always fans of the shows they cover, so readers can be sure that they will hear the recapper’s enthusiasm and thoughtful opinion of a show throughout their recaps. Since 2017, a formidable portion of our traffic comes from Team Recap! Fans of many series share in the joy of their fandoms through our recaps.

-We were invited to be a part of our first San Diego Comic-Con panel. 

-This year’s Dragon Con 5 Truths and a Lie Storytelling panel was lit. We had Wynonna Earp’s Katherine Barrell, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Matt Fraction, Rick Worthy and Deric Hughes. 

-We also had a hilarious Booze and Phasers panel at Dragon Con with Mark Gagliardi and Brian Bradley. 

-We went to the Star Wars: The Last Jedi world premiere!

audrey kearns at the star wars: the last jedi premiere




-We launched Geek Girl Authority’s Crush of the Week. Every Wednesday since, we highlight a fictional female character who inspires us. 

-Senior Contributor Noetta Harjo launched Indigenerd Wire. GGA is so lucky to host this wonderful column. With Indigenerd Wire, Noetta shines a spotlight on the indigenous people in pop culture. She has interviewed Sierra Ornelas, Kaliko Kauahi, Devery Jacobs and covered many artists and scientists. 

-We created our Representation Matters space on our website

-We went to the Star Wars: Solo world premiere!



-We launched the Geeky Fun Time podcast. Our guests have included Kirsten Vangsness, Chris Tallman, Brian Bradley, Kelly Bashar and Lauren Pritchard

-We went to the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiere

star wars the last jedi premier shot


-We ended the year with over 1 million views!




On a personal note, I’d like to acknowledge my mighty Geek Girl Authority family. The GGA website has morphed into a beautiful, inclusive ball of nerdy light over the last six years. When I founded the site, I along with co-founders Claudia Dolph and Jenny Flack, thought we were creating a space where we could do nerdy, funny sketches and podcasts. And yes, we did that, but it became so much more.

GGA now has over 20 contributors from across the country and even the globe. Over the last six years, we have continued to be an independently published website. We cover all things pop culture with an emphasis on genre. Thanks to each and every one of our current and former contributors for using GGA as a place to share their love and joy over last six years. You all have given your unique voices to GGA and created a force we can all be proud of. I mean, I’m just giddy over it all. 

~Audrey Kearns, founder and editor-in-chief

gga geek girl authority



This article was originally posted Star Wars Day, 5/4/20



Audrey Kearns