Deadline has reported that Lion director Garth Davis has been tapped to direct Disney’s impending Tron sequel. Jared Leto will serve as the star and producer of the new flick. After a decade since the previous film Tron: Legacy‘s release, it would appear the media juggernaut finally knows where the franchise will go. 

Now, Leto attached himself to star in 2017, so this has been quite the process. Despite Tron: Legacy‘s financial success (it raked in $400 million globally), Disney initially wanted to scrap a direct sequel to it. However, the wheels are in motion and we’re finally getting the next Tron installment. 

As a director, Davis is more known for indie/art house films. Recently, he directed 2018’s Mary Magdalene. In 2016 he was at the helm of the critically lauded film LionTron is Davis’ first foray into blockbuster franchises. According to the Deadline report, insiders claimed that Davis fought tooth and nail to snag the plum role of director. While it was a rigorous process, he inevitably won executives over. 

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My humble opinion? Davis is a talented director. I’m sure he’ll bring a unique eye to Tron, especially given his art house background. I love when directors that are known for smaller projects take on tentpole films. They tend to bring more artistry and innovation than directors who solely helm blockbusters. However, I’m not entirely sold on Leto. I’ve enjoyed some of his work immensely in the past — particularly Requiem for a Dream with Jennifer Connelly. I think Leto is more suited for indie flicks, personally. Or perhaps it’s because his take on the Joker in Suicide Squad left a sour taste in my mouth. 

What do you think of Garth Davis and Jared Leto taking on Tron? Sound off in the comments below!



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