The best gaming keyboard varies from one player to another. Some prefer the loud ones that make them feel the vibe of the game even more, while some prefer those that are more appropriate to their kind of games such as RPGs. Regardless of what kind of player you are, here are some gaming keyboards that will surely awaken your geek side.

The Ultimate Gaming Keyboard

The ultimate gaming keyboard may come with a hefty price tag. Nevertheless, you are most likely to be rewarded by its full-packed features, making you get your money’s worth. Gear Gaming Hub provides reviews and advice regarding the ultimate gaming keyboards, and keyboards with a solid base built with an aircraft-grade brushed aluminum frame generally top the charts. These gaming keyboards also have ample lighting that is powered by thick USB cables, with a couple of USB connectors.

Some of the on-the-fly settings and key functionality of an ultimate gaming keyboard includes dedicated macro keys, as well as a lighting, profile, and the windows key buttons. It typically also has multimedia keys and volume wheel. As for the gamer’s comfort and keystrokes, an ultimate gaming keyboard has speed key switches and a detachable double sided wrist rest. It also has swappable textured gaming keys. A player is also able to customize and sync the colors of this keyboard.

The Most Stylish Gaming Keyboard

One of the most stylish gaming keyboards is made from anodized aluminum shell, making the design both sleek and discreet. It is made with ultra-light key caps that are designed with a shorter height than standard keycaps for an easier maintenance and cleaning. All these keys can be remapped with an integrated macro and memory settings. The illumination of the most stylish gaming keyboard is programmable on a key-by-key basis.

The Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Typically, gamers opt for wired equipment to ensure that latency or lags is minimized when they are playing. However, more and more gamers opt for the comfort and convenience brought about by wireless technology. Apart from a wireless design feature, the best wireless gaming keyboard also offers a wired connection. It has dedicated media keys and an on-board macro record button. For the gamer’s comfort, the key caps are designed to be rubber domed. It also offers lighting keyboard shortcuts for the player’s desired effects.

The Quietest Gaming Keyboard

If you are a gamer who opt for full-packed features, but is turned off by the sound of loud keystrokes, then the best gaming keyboard for you would be one that is considered the most silent gaming keyboard. It boasts of silent keys that makes the keystrokes comfortable, quiet, and accurate. While the sound of the gamer’s keystrokes will not totally be eliminated, the sound is still considered to be the softest compared to other gaming keyboards. For the gamer’s ultimate comfort while playing, the keypads are rubberized. It has red backlit keys and a toggle button to turn pulsing modes on and off.

The Finest Full-proof Gaming Keyboard

Admittedly, some gamers are indeed clumsier than others. Thus, they need a full-proof gaming keyboard that is designed to withstand spills and the mess from snacks and other drinks. This is the best keyboard for those who love to enjoy some snacks while playing games, but are afraid to knock their food over and spill on their keyboards.  Thus, the best full-proof gaming keyboard is one that is made with an ultra-durable design. While it may not be posh or stylish, the gamer is ensured that each key switch is protected from spills because a raised, rubberized housing will keep the fluid out. It also has a comfortable keypress design. Nevertheless, a full-proof gaming keyboard still offers multimedia keys and a backlighting brightness key. It even features a Windows key disable button.

The Best Gaming Keyboard for Couch Potatoes

If you prefer to play games while on the couch, then there is a great chance that you know how difficult it is to balance your keyboard and mouse setup for an ultimate gaming experience. This is where lapboards come in. Brilliantly designed gaming lapboards will allow you to play your game even while you slouch on the sofa. It has a large surface suitable to move your mouse around together with a compact keyboard design layout that fits perfectly on your lap. It even has pads underneath and includes multimedia and hot keys. It also has membrane keys, as well as an optimized anti-ghosting.

The Most Reliable Membrane-Style Gaming Keyboard

While players often play games on their computers, they also do other tasks. For this, a membrane-style gaming keyboard that is packed with features while still being reliable for typing purposes is perfect. Since this gaming keyboard is made from plastic, it might be that this gaming keyboard might not look durable but it is actually well-built with a clear focus on the quality. It has a tuning wheel with easy-to-access multimedia keys. It also boasts of customizable macros and key functions. This membrane-style gaming keyboard also has multiple profile memory and easy shift key switching.

The membrane-like design of the keys offer a more precise and responsive keystroke, compared to standard gaming keyboards. The anti-ghosting technology of this keyboard guarantees the player that all presses are accurately registered, making you steer clear of the hassle of losing a game just because your keyboards are not working perfectly. It also has multiple lighting modes which include a color wave, a snake design, a fully lit mode, as well as a heartbeat and breathing mode. The lighting design makes it easier for the gamer’s eye compared to the overpowering bright light of mechanical gaming keyboards.

Gaming is not only entertaining. Nowadays, game experts can already make a living by playing the games that they love. But in order to support this venture, a gamer needs certain essential equipment apart from their computers. This may include the best gaming keyboard that will provide them with the ultimate gaming experience.

Audrey Kearns