What are the options if you want gaming as a career?


The gaming industry has seen significant changes over the last decade. With more and more people interested in gaming, it has also led to some changes in the work force as many seek a career in the gaming industry. There are many different career options within the gaming field.

Video Game Designer

Naturally with all the demand for games, someone must design them. Degrees at various educational institutions are available which some gaming studios may require. However, some game designers may be more independent and work on their own. Today’s software makes it much easier to design a game without the techy knowledge that used to be needed. In fact, some of today’s designers aren’t even adults but rather teenagers.

Gaming Guide Writer

The internet is full of content on just about anything you need to know. Those players who are new to a specific game find content written about it to be rather helpful. Fans with good writing skills can use their video game knowledge to write online guides about specific games. They can be in written format or the trending video game guides which can be found uploaded to YouTube. Also, publishing the information via an electronic book is also an option.

Video Game Tester

Who said you can’t make a living playing video games? All the new games that are developed must go through test stages to ensure proper operation. Testing is also important to iron out any kinks within the program. While this sounds like a pretty fun career, there is a lot of technical knowledge that goes along with it. Testers needs to have knowledge of how games are written in order to provide feedback as to how to make changes to the program.

Granted there are more possible careers in the gaming industry and undoubtedly more to be created in the future. While the industry is competitive, it also is quite rewarding when you have the satisfaction of knowing you had a hand in developing some of today’s most popular titles.