During the second day of Gamescom 2020 horror fans finally got another look at The Medium. The Bloober Team shared the first initial trailer during Inside Xbox back in May. Now, they have returned to shed more light on the cinematic horror. The developers at Bloober Team are not new to the horror genre, having already brought us Layers of Fear, Layers of Fear 2 and Blair Witch. This time around they are focusing in on the idea of different points of view and that nothing is either good or bad.

The Medium gameplay trailer works more of a behind the scenes look. The team discusses how they are using the horror genre to not just scare players but to tell a story that needs a darker tone. Players control Marianne as she fights to uncover the mystery behind visions of a child’s murder. As a psychic she travels the world of the living and dead simultaneously. This is shown through the use of a unique mechanic that allows the player to view both sides simultaneously.

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The behind the scenes look came to a close with none other than a quick peak at the masterful Troy Baker reminding us how well he does in horror roles. With every new bit of information that is dropped, I find myself even more intrigued. Everyone at Bloober Team knows how to work together to tell a good horror story. One that will haunt your dreams even after you are done playing. The Medium may have large shoes to fill, but with everything they have shown I have no doubt it will.

The Medium is set to release holiday 2020 for PC through Steam and Xbox Series X.



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