Gamescom 2019 has made my horror dreams come true. We are getting so many spook-tacular updates for upcoming games. One in particular is one very close to my heart, Blair Witch. Bloober Team and Lionsgate have teamed together to create this terrifying addition to the world. We are just ten days away from the release, and yesterday we got our first real taste of what kind of storyline we are going to get. 

We can clearly see from this trailer that we are getting the psychological horror we all need. It almost makes me think that Ellis isn’t as stable as we hope he is. The trailer is narrated by Ellis himself as he remarks on mistakes that haunt his past and things people choose to forget. This along with the flashbacks to possible mistakes and a failed relationship only help to make Ellis look a tad bit on the crazy side.

These flashbacks are grouped with what seems to be present day images of Ellis finding and building the weird little twig idols. The whole trailer is one long trip from safe and okay to crazy and terrifying. The thing that drew me into the movies so long ago was the idea that nothing is what it seems. When Blair Witch was announced and we saw the first bit of gameplay I was worried we were just going to be heroes saving the day. This is just what we needed to see.

Blair Witch is releasing on Friday August 30, 2019 for PC and Xbox One. You can preorder the game now on Steam here. (which I have already done!) Let us know how you feel about the game on Twitter and share all your favorite spooky moments!

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Julia Roth
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