In the midst of the excitement of Gamescom,  Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on Monday that they had acquired Insomniac Games. This does not come at much of a surprise after the successful release of Marvel’s Spider-Man, one of the best-selling games for the PS4 in 2018. Now Insomniac Games joins the ranks of Naughty Dog and Santa Monica Studios as an exclusive developer for Sony. 

Moreover, this acquisition only furthers the Console-Exclusive Battle between Microsoft and Sony. Over the last two years, Microsoft has purchased several studios to publish directly and exclusively under the Xbox label. Most recently, legendary studio Double Fine will now be an Xbox Exclusive developer. With the number of studio acquisitions on the rise, one can only wonder if big-name studios like Rockstar Games or even Bethesda, will join under one of these major companies. Similarly, what will that do to the video games market? Only time will tell. 

Overall, I personally cannot wait to see the new titles and games that Insomniac will develop for the Playstation. And with the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, an exclusive sequel for the highly anticipated PS5 is most likely in the works. 

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