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Gas Giant Games

Jay Wilson (Game Director of Diablo III and Lead Designer of World of Warcraft: Legion) and Julian Love (Combat Designer of Diablo Immortal and Diablo IV) founded their own game studio, Gas Giant Games. Helping them is Dan Kelly, former vice president of THQ and director of the Walt Disney Company.

In addition to the trinity, former developers of Kingdom Hearts, Company of Heroes, Overwatch, Dragon Age 2, Space Marine, Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light, Gears of War, and many other titles joined the team.

The team has already begun work on the debut game, which is being created in the usual Action-RPG genre. The title is planned for release on PC and consoles, but Gas Giant Games will consider a release on mobile devices as well.

 Gas Giant Games will bring the developments of its first game to GDC 2023, which will be held March 20-24. With the presentation, the studio hopes to attract the attention of publishers and investors.


Game developers Inkulinati and Pentiment decided to team up for an unusual crossover. The first one of the characters will be Andreas, the protagonist of the title from Obsidian.

They are both similar in style, humor, and setting, so the collaboration turned out to be organic. The main resource in Inkulinati is ink. Based on them, players create armies. The game tells about the competitions of medieval authors. While the title is in early access.

 Pentiment is a detective quest about the development of a small community in which players need to investigate crimes. It is available on PC, Xbox, and Game Pass.

Project G

NCSoft has unveiled the first trailer for Project G, a fantasy strategy game in which you need to build a base, develop it, and then participate in large-scale battles. There are not many details yet, but from the trailer, we can conclude that the gameplay will resemble classic mobile representatives of the genre.

Players will be able to switch between base management, and the battles themselves will be tactical rather than full-fledged real-time battles. But on the battlefield will be able to gather a lot of troops.

Project G is being built on the Unreal Engine. A full release will happen worldwide on PC and smartphones.

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