Game of Thrones fans everywhere are in a ‘what’s next?’ state of mind. That definitely includes me. And, though I have a number of theories on what will happen in the 8th and final season of the series, I also have some wishes.  These wishes are straight out of my wildest dreams, and though I think some of them could plausibly come true before the series is over, this list is more about dreaming than predictions. Dream with me won’t you?

Here are 8 wishes I have for Game of Thrones season 8.

Ghost and Nymeria Come Home. Dragons are awesome, but I’m all about the wolves. I’m very invested in the dire wolf narrative of the show. The writers have gone away from it, but in the back of my mind I am always worried for any Stark who is away from their wolf. Ghost is out there somewhere. We last saw him when Jon Snow was awakened from the dead. Nymeria was last seen ditching Arya. Sansa is doing well now, despite losing Lady early. But, she would have been much better off if she’d had her along the way. I want the two remaining wolves to reunite, kick wight a$$, save their Starks from certain death and come home to Winterfell. Wouldn’t that be amazing!?!

Dragon Fight. I think this will happen in season 8, and I’m so excited for it. It must come to pass that Drogon and Rheagal will have to face their zombified ice brother Viserion and battle to the death… or second death. And, they will most likely have riders while they do it. Daenerys and the Night King are pros… which brings me to…

Jon Rides His Dragon. This will happen. If it doesn’t, nothing makes sense anymore. Jon (Aegon) will take his rightful place as a dragon rider atop Rhaegal, the dragon that was meant for him, named for his real father. It’s perfect. How it will happen is the mystery. My personal theory is that Jon must also become unburnt.  

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Release the Horns! One of the loose ends from the books that have not shown up in the show that I think about a lot are the Horn of Winter and the Dragon Horn.  The Horn of Winter (Joramun’s Horn) is said to have magical properties, wake giants from the earth and potentially bring down the wall. Bringing down the wall isn’t a threat anymore… that’s done. But, it might be nice to wake up some giants and get a little help with the wight fight.  

The Dragon Horn (Dragonbinder) is a bigger deal from where we sit after season 7. It doesn’t seem likely that the show will put the horn in the hands of Euron, as the books did. But, if the Dragon Horn shows up, it is said to control or call the dragons to it. If Cersei got a hold of that horn, the game would change drastically. Talk about a twist! 

Sam Saves Us All.  Who doesn’t love Samwell Tarly? Not me. Sam hasn’t reached his full potential yet, on the show. He left old town with A LOT of scrolls and books that haven’t yet come into play. Now that he can guide Bran and perhaps tell him exactly what to look at, Sam could be the key to conquering the long night, and that is my wish. Sam saves us all with book learning. Who better?  

Enter Lady Stoneheart.  Another loose end from the books. Lady Stoneheart didn’t get a lot of play in the books, but she has captured the imaginations of many fans. And, I for one want to see her show up! Lady Stoneheart is Catlyn Stark in zombie form. She’s brought back by Thoros and Beric Dondarian in the books, but shouldn’t have been. She’s in much worse shape than Beric after what the Frey’s do to her at the Red Wedding.  

Bent on vengeance, she goes after everyone who wronged her family. There are some theories that Lady Stoneheart will show up as a legend explaining the deaths caused by the faceless Arya. But I’d rather see Stoneheart in the flesh! Why not bring her into the mix!?! The dead are walking into Westeros. Who better to fight them but the dead?!?

Jaime and Brienne Fall in Love. This is the sap in me. I want them to get together. Can you blame me? They’re a perfect team! I do think that it’s likely that Jaime and Brienne will fight along side each other again. Jaime is on his way north to help fight the dead, and you can bet Brienne will be there to meet him. I know Tormund will be jealous, but Jaime needs to find real, virtuous love. Cersei doesn’t treat him right. It’s a wish list, guys. 

Bran Wargs into Bigger Things. Is Bran really just going to warg into a murder of crows from now on?!? There has to be more to the warging! So, here’s my wish. I want Bran to get to warging big time. The most satisfying thing would be if he warged into Viserion now that he’s an ice dragon. That’s my ultimate wish, but I’d be happy with more dire wolf warging. I’d be totally cool with some giants, alive or undead. I’d definitely be cool with him warging into a live dragon. What if Bran warged into Rhaegal while Jon rode him!?! WARG!

Those are my wishes. Tell us some of yours! 


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