Okay, you’re busy.  You don’t feel like you have 24 minutes.  But I’m willing to bet you’ll REALLY have a hard time carving 60 hours out of your schedule, and this is really cool.

Winteriscoming.net posted a video this morning made by YouTube user waxonaxon that gets all 6 seasons into less than a half and hour of story.  If you’re like me, you forget.  I’m constantly having to remind myself of what happened before, who’s who, or whether I read something that I think I remember about the series in the books, or saw it on tv.  It can be a little mind numbing to keep all of the knowledge of Westeros and Essos and beyond in your brain.  This reminded me of things I had forgotten to remember.

The speed necessary to get it all in made my brain hurt a little, but time-lapse is AWESOME!  I’d much rather watch the narrative progression of Game of Thrones than a flower opening.  But, that’s pretty, too.

Check it out!!


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