Oh, the fun actors have when they are promoting new shows. Sophie Turner is doubly busy promoting the new season of Game of Thrones AND the upcoming film X-Men: Apocalypse. She currently graces the cover of NET-A-PORTER fashion magazine, The Edit. 

NET-A-PORTER had some fun with Miss Turner when they asked her to do a Jon Snow impression. Not only that, but Jon Snow reciting the lyrics to Adele’s hit song ‘Hello’ and may I say she slays it. Expecially when she intensely says, “Hello from the other side.” If only Sansa Stark could slay like Sophie Turner, maybe she wouldn’t be in her current predicament with Theon!

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The video has some more jewels in it with Turner doing terrible impressions of Professor X and Wolverine but she then saves herself with a nice lip-sync to one of Justin Beiber’s hits.


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