It’s Friday. We all know what Sundays are for… at least, for the next four weeks. Sundays are for Game of Thrones. So, in case you missed the preview for season 7, episode 4; we’ve got it for you here. 

The official title for episode 4 is ‘The Spoils of War‘. That title was leaked last week, but now the word is out and it’s so fun to think about isn’t it? In the trailer, we hear Daenerys saying ‘All my allies are gone, I’m losing’ and ‘enough with the clever plans’. So could the spoils be hers? Not likely, but that is dragon talk. I think we can expect fire and blood to finally come to Westeros in this episode.   

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The spoils currently belong to Cersei. Are we surprised? No. We are not surprised. She is a force to be reckoned with. She says, with her signature poise and control in her voice, ‘My only venture at the moment is reestablishing control over this continent, and every person on it.’ And, if any of us think that she can’t do that, we are most definitely mistaken. She effectively eliminated Highgarden and Dorne in one freaking episode, and to the victor go the spoils. Who’s next? Everyone.  

Cersei is told ‘You can count on the Iron Bank as soon as the gold arrives’. So, the only real way to stop her at this point is to stop the gold from Highgarden and Dorne from getting to the Red Keep. Who can stop it? Dragons. That’s who.  

In the North, Sansa has control and needs to keep it. I have total faith that she is stronger and smarter than perhaps any other Stark. But, we all know that Starks are ever a target, and that looked like the catspaw dagger being brandished. That dagger is used against Starks, y’all. When first we saw it, Catelyn sliced her hand open trying to keep an assassin from killing Bran with it. Last we saw that dagger, Littlefinger had it and used it against Ned Stark. Who’s he using it against now?  We can’t be sure, but the catspaw dagger is bad news.   

I’ll see you in Westeros, and you can bet you’ll hear from me immediately after episode 4. Can’t wait. 


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