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You heard me right!  Joffrey Baratheon actor, Jack Gleeson is bringing his Puppet Show to New York City from September 6 to October 2, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

I don’t know about you, but, besides Ramsay, there was nobody I wanted to see die more than Joffrey.  It is hard for me, therefore, to like Jack Gleeson, through absolutely no fault of his own.  But, he’s really winning me over here.  His puppet show, Bears in Space, got me with the title alone!  Yes, please!  According to EW the stage play ‘follows two bears, recently thawed from cryogenic stasis, who are traveling on a spaceship toward the limits of the universe, while being chased by villains.’  Double yes, please!

There are few things that you can do to appropriately follow an epic story line on Game of Thrones.  Intergalactic bear puppets is one of them.  If you’re in New York, go see it, and tell us about it.  I wish I could witness the glory in person.

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