Game of Thrones fans can officially look forward to getting whatever tidbits of production information possible when the series starts production on its final season this fall.  It will launch production in October and have fewer episodes than any of the previous seasons; coming in at a mere 6 episodes.

Though there have been rumors that the episodes in season 8 could be feature-length, that has not been confirmed by the series or by HBO.  The finale of season 7 will be 82 minutes long.  And, every single GoT fan is hoping for longer episodes.  Every minute we can squeeze out, we will gladly take.

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There are also rumors that season 8 may not air in 2019, as previously planned.  The fact that they’re starting production for the final season in October instead of the summer, or even September, has bolstered that rumor.  Even though the last season will be fewer episodes, we can most likely count on the production value being increasingly high, as it has been since the end of season 6. 

So, cross your fingers everybody; that the final episodes will be nice and long, and season 8 isn’t delayed.  I’ll be chanting and praying with you.  I need my fix too.  

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