Well, season 7 of Game of Thrones is over.  The Dragon and the Wolf have come and gone, and if I’m being honest… I’m a little underwhelmed.  There were few surprises in this last episode, and as I see it, many missed opportunities.  Here are 6 things I wish they’d taken the chance to do in the finale. 

Tell Sam About the Fate of His Family.  Sam and Bran are in the same room again, after passing each other at the wall.  Bran starts the conversation by saying ‘I remember everything’ and then needs to be told about the truth of the marriage of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen?  Okay.  But, they don’t take that moment for Bran to tell Sam that his brother and father have been burned to ashes by Drogon???? Isn’t that something that’s kind of important for him to know?  I mean, what is a three-eyed raven for? 

Kill Theon.  Just put him out of his misery.  Yara should live.  Yes.  But, she can take care of herself.  Theon had his chance to save her and fled.  He’s had so many chances to do so many things.  How many chances to redeem himself does this guy get? 

Kill Jaime.  Now, I love Jaime Lannister.  I think he’s an amazing character with great capacity for love and hate and good and evil; all for his unshakable sense of loyalty.  I love that he went North alone and left Cersei behind.  I acknowledge that he might be the only one that can kill her.  BUT… they put themselves in this situation where she could’ve killed him, upped her evil level and totally surprised EVERYBODY!  They set it up and didn’t knock it down!  Disappointing.  If you’re going to threaten it, do it.  It’s Cersei Lannister.  She loves him, but man… c’mon. 

Give Us Some Lady Stoneheart.  There was a whole lot of talk of missing Ned Stark.  And, I miss him too.  But, he’s gone and Catlyn, in theory, is still out there somewhere lurking in the Riverlands.  They could’ve given us just a glimpse.  Just an inkling.  Isn’t there some value in the zombies of Westeros fighting the wights?  There’s got to be something to Berric Dondarion, Lady Stoneheart, The Mountain and Jon Snow walking around undead.  Right?

Clegane Bowl.  The Hound and the Mountain are in the same place again, and they DON’T fight?  Not at all?  Though I am very very intrigued at what the Hound said, ‘You know who’s coming for you.  You’ve always known.’  And, I very much want to know what or who is coming to get the Mountain… we all wanted that fight.  Didn’t we?  

Prophecy.  I would have loved a little Red Woman in this episode.  I would have loved some kind of word from the Lord of Light about something we hadn’t seen coming.  We knew the army of the dead was coming with a dragon.  We knew the wall would come down.  Give us something to ponder! 

There you have it.  Tell us what you thought of Season 7’s finale.  And, read my predictions for Season 8, below! 

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