Game of Thrones fans, do you remember a time when you were worried about Arya all of the time?  She was on the run after her father’s murder, or she was crossing an ocean to an unknown shore, or she was blind and getting the living sh*t kicked out of her in every episode?  She’s become so powerful and so capable that we can forget those times.  I’d stopped worrying about her, frankly.  But, the worry is creeping in again, friends.

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Here are 5 reasons I think we might lose Arya before the end of Season 7.

  1. She’s the lone wolf.  She’s out there on her own.  She’s been alone for a long time and she has a very forbidding set of skills, but she’s traveling north now.  Following her heart and softening a little could get her killed.  She didn’t kill those soldiers and Ed Sheeran.  Soft.  
  2. Nymeria said ‘nah’.  Now, I will not say that I think that’s the last we’ve seen of Nymeria.  She’ll be back.  But, any Stark away from their wolf is vulnerable.  And, Nymeria’s return will most likely be her demise…. we all know that when the wolf dies, the Stark is likely close behind.  (Exception: Sansa who will most likely outlive everybody, and Bran who died in a way when Summer died.  He is transformed now.  No need for dire wolves when you ARE nature.)   
  3. Daenerys Stormborn and Jon Snow are teaming up. That means that if Cersei dies any time soon, it’ll be Jon and Daenerys against the walkers.  Too clean.  There must be a formidable enemy in Westeros, and Cersei is it.  Which means any attempt Arya makes on Cersei’s life won’t go well for a girl.  
  4. She’s off list.  Her power lies in a single minded, myopic tour of revenge.  She killed the Freys.  All of them.  That was on the list.  Cersei was next and the (zombie) Mountain is with her.  Both listed.  But, going north to her family means she’s vulnerable.  She’s being driven by family and loyalty rather than murderous rage, and therefore acting more like her father which will doom her. 
  5. The other Starks are more likely to stick around.  Narratively, in my opinion, you need Sansa, Bran and Jon to stay awhile.  They all have big promises to fulfill.  Arya is on on her own path.  That path, my theory goes, will bring her to Gendry and the Hound.  Those meetings will be amazingly fulfilling on their own.  Is it possible they’ll all get together and team up with the Mother of Dragons?  It’s possible.  But, Gendry could make a play for the crown too, you know.  Whatever happens, when it comes to the Starks, Arya’s the loose end right now… and Starks are never safe.

So cross your fingers Arya fans.  She is a force to be reckoned with, to be sure… but can she make it?  It gives me no pleasure to doubt it.  I’ll be glued to the television for four more episodes…  let us see.


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