Bigfoot is an adventure horror game. A group of tourists are lost in the national park of Jasper. Players are chased by a man who is trying to find the mysterious and elusive Bigfoot. It seems he may be behind the mysterious disappearances of tourists. Check out this game review of Bigfoot on and see why folks are super excited for its release.


First release: 2017
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulator
Developer: CyberLight Game Studios
Platform: PC

Gameplay and Control: Spooky Forest and Unknown Creature

The game is not complicated. You’ll find yourself with other partners in a trailer with several sets of utilities and a pair of guns. You’ll take these along with first-aid kits, night-vision devices, batteries, cameras, tracking cartridges and other useful items and looking for the creature.

You’ll need some resolve because your strength will be testing while hunting Bigfoot, but remember that even the most experienced hunter can become a victim. The developers paid great attention to the creation of the artificial monster intelligence making it as realistic as possible, and Bigfoot has magical abilities. A large area with lakes, marshes, and caves is available for hunting. The game is developed on the Unreal Engine 4.

How to hunt Bigfoot? First of all, players can install cameras in the forest for tracking. Then, it’s possible to use special ammunition for tracking the movements of the monster. With meat traps, hunting is much easier. Players cannot collect meat from dead animals, but in the trailer, they can find a couple of pieces of meat and throw them into the trap. The danger here is that the players can fall into the trap, so don’t forget to let other players know that. 

Catchy Graphics and Sound Effects

The game’s graphics are really nice, the environment, the lightning, and the night sky are impressive The monster also looks pretty colorful, but unfortunately it is not as scary as the thunderstorm. The developers worked a lot on the sound component. The oppressive atmosphere, incomprehensible cries, and sometimes a rather intense silence make the game atmospheric and rather frightening.

In addition to various scary creatures, there are caves where  you can install cameras. There will also be various houses where you can replenish supplies, find an additional rifle, ammunition, and other utilities.

Pros and Cons

Well, Finding Bigfoot boasts a rather big army of fans. What are its pros?

● Multiplayer mode for up to 3 people.
● The oppressive mysterious atmosphere.
● Sounds of thunderstorm and accompanying sounds.
● Good graphics component.
● Intuitive simple gameplay. Pure adventure and fun.


● Just one monster.
● Limited content (when you catch Bigfoot, there is nothing else to do).

What’s New

The new updates, Update 2.1 Hotfix 1 and Hotfix 2 Happy Halloween, are going to impress gamers with new sound effects, improved map, camera freeze effects, and network optimization. Winter forest is at the stage of development.

The Verdict

On the whole, Finding Bigfoot is a simple game for fun rather than a hardcore. Players run, arrange the cameras, traps and try to catch the monster. However, the game lacks additional monsters, equipment, and search mechanics.